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Happy New Years!

all the best to everyone; more money; more clothes; more of everything!

this is a scheduled post.
im out, lol.


Happy Anniversary to me and my smurfibie (:



I was being a good blogger and was uploading pictures from babys birthday but damn; the internet connetion has to be that slow!


or is it bloggers fault?
cause i manage to upload 20 pics on facebook in an hour;;

waste my bloody time.

I have yet to upload, genting trip, babys bday, scarlet, outings with baby, starcruise trip, massive worldwide and xmas eve!


can die.

well christmas eve was great.
we went to the curve for dinner with marshy, yanwei, kat, yin and loads more.
we ended up getting sprayed on faces!
it was fun tho haha.

Now lets see, new year nak pergi mana?


Erin got these pair of leopard skin ears from Taiwan.
& how selfish of her for not getting my own pair!

So I curi'ed it for a sec and camwhore superkao with it hahaha.

The pair of superduper cute ears (:

My jakun face.

Next ; trying to look innocent heh.

Leashing out my sexiness, lol ;p



my addiction.

I have a weakness for sexy songs (:

My new love; my addiction by ryan leslie featuring cassie.

You've got fashion and style
I'm lovin' your smile and
The way you get down
I can't see no one else
It's you by yourself, yea
In spite of the crowd

Previous loves,
Twista ft Mariah ; So Lonely
Lil Wayne ; Lollipop
50cent ft Justin ; Ayo Technology
Britney Spears ; Break the Ice
got more lah, lazy to think haha :D

James Anthony "Jim" Sturgess

James Anthony Sturgess
May 16, 1981 which makes him, 27 years old.
Born in London, England.

I only started noticing him in the movie 21.
Omfg, damn hot can?
not forgetting cute too (:

Okay maybe not that hot la. But he was in 21! Heh.

Only a few pics looked good, I think he loves making funny faces more than posing. LOL.


Yeah I know its late and a its Thursday night.
I'm heartbroken sadly.
The only thing that can keep it off my mind is drooling over Jim Strugess.


sorry im so lifeless at times.


Life is the curse. Sleep is the remission. Death is the cure.

I'm sick of people, who use what they have physically to get something mentally. Its so eff'ed up that they love causing destruction on other people whether they realise it or not. They think they own everything and that the world revolves around them.

shallow fucks.

Merry fucking Christmas.

Grandma's Birthday

A few earlier shots of me and daddykins at Sunway Resort.

And Grandma's Birthday celebration at the same place the week after :)

Almost all my cousins were there, from Australia, Sabah, Johor, etc. We kept eating eating and eating haha. The whole big family spent about 3 hours in the Restaurant omg -.-

Anyway i'll let the pictures do the talking.


Party From Dusk till Dawn

Posted on 12 December 2008 by Sarah from KLue Magazine

OK, hands up if you want to be out of the Klang Valley for New Year’s eve but can’t be bothered to book airplane tickets to somewhere that burns a hole in your pocket and requires you to be strapped in your seat for more than two hours. Jeebus, that’s a lot of hands. Well, we’ve found a perfect New Year’s party for you and your friends—the Siloso Beach Party at Sentosa.

Although it’ll be in Singapore, we figured that you f’llers must be seasoned KL-Singapore travellers, with much thanks to their annual Great Singapore Sale, art festivals and parties. Another trip down South won’t hurt, right?

Dubbed as ‘Asia’s Grooviest Beach Countdown Party’, expect to party hard on the sandy dance floor at their three party zones. Lasting for ten hours, the two stages will offer non-stop music by local bands and international DJs. Just so you know, DJ Shy, DJ Don P, duo-DJs from Starz Angels, along with local DJs—DJ Koflow, DJ Rough and DJ Gee—are…


Really hectic day, I never drove so much in my life before and so far too. Went to Centerpoint to buy Erin's school books and then to Midvalley to get her uniform, shoes and stationary; bumped to Jadeybaby, Justynebunny and YuetChingmama at KimGary so yumcha'ed awhile and chat bout how Massive was yadayada. Then to TamanDesa to pick baby up. Then drove to Bangsar and did some shopping, omg I got my belt and some highwaisties too! Ooh ankle boots (: Damn hard to find one that fits my skinny legs. Then drove home and got stuck in the jam like mads weih. Yikes!

On another note..

I seriously have to share this with you guys.
Baby just sent me this horoscope thingy from an e-mail he recieved, and its so like freaking true can?

For example, baby's horoscope :

SAGITTARIUS - The Happy-Go-Lucky One
Good-natured optimist - Hmm half half
Doesn't want to grow up (Peter Pan Syndrome) - So true!!!!
Indulges self - Not really, sometimes la.
Boastful - Not at all, my baby is not boastful.

Karaoke Session @ The Curve

Had a karaoke session with the classmates at Red Box, The Curve. Since we're almost to our holidays and Michiko would be going back to Indonesia till next year.

We sanged in 4 languages, malay, english, chinese and japanese. Not bad right? Hehe.

& I was having a bad day, so it was fun to scream and shout my lungs out (:

MOS girls night out.

Euphoria Ministry of Sounds.

Went there with my bunch of girls, as usual it was effing packed but we didnt have to queue up thankfully.

My kakis for the night, Josie, Louise, Jac and moi (:
Cristine darling was there too.
After an accident and all she still can go clubbing, haha.

The post-breakup darling Louise.
Single and available people!

And of course the birthday boy Abel.

To a surprise we hardly drank much.
Less than a cuppa.

But still we managed to get high and tipsy.
LOL I dont know how.

Once again Miss Louise (:

We went up to the podium to dance..

But as you can see it was damn packed.
Even at the dance floor we could hardly breathe, so we went back up.

And Josie was bored to death.

May Gin was there as well.
She texted me so many times to meet up but it was so hard cause there were too many people there, so sorry babe!

We went over to The Deq to chill cause it was more cozy and nice there.

Jac being drunk'ed already.

Bumped into Cindy there too :D

Long time no see girl!

Anyway tho, my…