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Birthday Wishes!

Happy Birthday!
No, not to me. Mine is few months away.
Just wanted to post up a really old picture of me, yeah my hair is black now. As black as the midnight sky, but im loving it! Omg, I look younger! Heh.

Okay back to the topic
Its Nicholas Tan's Birthday!

He'll be back this Friday, and I can see my baby smilling.
Yeeek, guys night?

Pre-Dinner fun!

Before the dinner started, all of us was treated to a session of family bingo at the Galaxy of Stars!

I hardly come across a streak of good luck so, I didnt bother betting/joining the game!

Plus, we were all treated to glasses of champagne and fruit punch (:

The captain made an appearance too!

Damn cute (:
And all of us, toasting to a wonderful night!

Famous singers on the ship.

Till then!

Captain's Gala Dinner, StarCruise '08

When you go on board the Star Cruise, there will be a night where all the guest are able to dine with the Captain of the ship.
Obviously this is a very extravagant night; therefore the dishes are gonna be superbly good!
Haha, a night that you cant miss.

Baby and me, why the angry face lah bii?

Miss Erin Lim.

Baby twisted his neck!

Miss Lydia already chow'ing down on her salad!

And of course, we MUST have a bottle of wine to compliment the food!

Omg, please ignore my triple double chin!
Oh the horror!

A better picture ((:

WARNING:Mouth watering pictures! Look at this only when youre tummy is full!

We started of with the cold salmon salad with a tinge of citrus.

It was refreshing but abit too cold hehe.

Then, for soups; I ordered the Onion Soup.

Didnt really like the flavour tho, it was abit too strong.

Should have ordered the Mushroom Soup which is the one baby asked for!

For the main course, Erin ordered the grilled chicken pasta topped with thyme leaves.

It was yummy and very filling!
The …

After dinner camwhore session

After the wonderful dinner session, all of us started a mini camwhoring session.
Hahah I couldnt help it, its not always you get to dress up!
Sis; Mummy dearest and moi (:

Mummy and Baby boy.

Erin and Stephanie Lim.

Jason W and Collin L

Lydia, Erin and Me.

Then we went around the Christmas tree (:

Love my clutch? No?
Hehe :D

The Lim family.
Mum and sis shoe are almost the same lor!
The one and only BuBu!
My love!

mhmm, gentlemen weih!

*Christmas tree behind!*

The cousins and sis.

John and Erin nyeknyek.


All from StarCruise.
More coming up, I got 300+ pictures.
Have to bear with me ya?

Make up tutorials!

I'm sorry that I havent posted up any tutorials.
But I found a few helpful ones on YouTube.

The first one is about applying eyeliners inspired by Angelina Jolie's 'Cat like eyes' and a mix of rocker chick.
The second one 'How to do - Smoky Eyes'.

I hope this helps!

More update on Rihanna's concert.

Have you guys heard bout the whole Rihanna and Chris Brown thing before the Granny's Grammys last night?

Apparently, there has been a big arguement/abuse/biting session going on between them. Sadly things got a little to rough and someone had to call 911. Chris Brown got arrested in the end. Thats why he never performed as the opening act for last night show and Rihanna didnt show up either.

Plus, police has teken pictures of Rihanna all bruised up and even bite marks were found on her arm! Not to mention that her there were cuts on her lips.

Omg rough sial.

Rihanna's rep even said that the concert in Malaysia might be cancelled due to what happened.


Seriously shitty weih. Still lucky I did not plan to go for her concert haha. For the rest of you who already bought her tickets, you should go ask for refunds now. Unless Rihanna decides to perform with bruises on her body, lol.

But seriously, Chris Brown doesnt look like the type of guy that would hit a woman. And the woman is a well…

New Look

A new template will be coming soon, prolly around next week after Valentines because Miss Stephiielicious is very busy running up and down doing assignments and projects plus, quizes are coming up! Need to study.

Gah, damn college work.

Anyway the point is, i'll giving away my old template to a random avid reader of my blog. Since a lot of you are asking me about templates and all, and some of you wants something like mine. So yea, i'm gonna be genorous.

Information will be coming soon if this project hits a GO.

So if you like my idea and wish that i'll go on with it, click either Love It or Awesome below, if I get more than 50 hits i'll continue with the whole new template thingy.

Simple enough?


Had a great time today with a short gossip session with my Gossip Girls today.

Same spot again, Delicious at One Utama.

And omg, tons of funny stories from the both of them about a particular message from a friend, lol.


Next time we should s…

Extra Super Tanker!

Before Nick left, we had dinner at Extra Super Tanker @ The Club, Bukit Damansara.

The place was big and fancy.
Might sign up and join the club.

It was a big reunion dinner for him I guess, his aunties, auncles and even his grandma was there too.

We had like two big plates of fried rice and I mean REALLY HUGE plate of rice, and the guys managed to finish it. OMG, damn big eaters weih.

I liked the veggies tho! For the first time, Miss Stephiielicious is hooked on veggies. Unbelievable.

After the dinner..

I am taller than you NICK!

The guys, Abner, Wai Han, Baby, Bennn, and Nick.

Another one infront the restaurant..