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Teaser post

I calculated and I have about 400 pics yet to be uploaded. Theres even leftovers from 2008, omg.


Anyhoo.. the boys are over at my place playing mahjong //.
And i'm having a slight hangover from the booze yesterday. Yikes.

My pre-birthday bash was held last night at Zouk.
My darlings were there, the boys were everywhere and it was Gaga Vision night.
GaGa's were everywhere!

The best part was when I won her album! Too bad I didnt win the tickets tho, but at least I have something better than nothing (:

And I really want to thank my baby for planning everything, and friends who helped out to get the party going. Thank you so muchie!

Updates in a day or two.. Or more ;p Loves!

A wild, crazy night out.

So for an unbelievable, bored out of our mind reason.. The gang and I hit Maison on a Thursday night.
To our horror, the place was effing empty. Wait let me rephrase that, it was TOTALLY EMPTY.

Then while me, Jossie and Kath were looking around we reminisced 'bout our old Maison times.
The crowd, the alco, the music, lights, you get the picture.
It is SO DEAD right now.

So technically we were the only ones there, it kinda spoiled the mood abit. But we manage to pick it up after a few shots of 42 Below ((:
Kim, Me, Loyce and YinYin
Lala, YinYin, Moi, Inspector Gadget and WK Moi, Future Chef Extraordinaire, YinYinJieJie MC, Lala and Wai Loong.
And Loyce found a new way of using her *ahems*"chest"...
Yeah, she forced people to drink from it. Putting shot glasses in between them, lol. And when the alco did its wonders.. The party just got wilder and wilder.. Everyone was dirty dancing, showing off, busting a move //. As usual, poser boy Mr 2 Hours and Siddiq. Scene 1# Loyce on top of Chun Lam S…

I'm mad about shoes..

Today was a real awakening call for me, I think i'm a shoe addict.
Like a MAJOR shoe addict!

I cant help but to stare and fall in love with yummy looking sky rocket heels.
I touch them, feel them, love them.
I know it sounds damn bimbotic and all but I really really gotta explain/express my obsession to the world (:

Here is one of my many favourite shoe haunts.

It was founded by Aldo Bensadoun in Montreal, Quebec, in 1972 where its corporate headquarters remain today. It has grown to become a worldwide corporation, with over 950 stores under 6 retail banners.
Basically everywhere, every ALDO shop you visit looks the same *pic above* Square, glass windows, racks of shoes.

Okay other than ALDO I love independent designers such as JLo, Steve Madden, Charles and Keith, all I can think of for now. Up to date, I have more than 60 pairs of shoes, which are just pumps/wedges/etc. Not counting the flats, ballerinas, flip flops I have. Which would prolly amount up too... Ugh idk..

My mum complai…

Wedding Bells!

Two weddings in a row!
Last Saturday a wedding was held at The Bankers Club @ Amoda, very exclusive and private. Me likey! Simple and western styled theme. Lovely lovely.

And yesterday night another one at Overseas Restaurant, Armada Hotel.
My 2nd cousins wedding.

Me and ze bunch of me cousins!

Hazel, Nick, Moi (:

And you cant blame me for dressing up with my 5'inch Aldo's.
Ms Erin Lim is so effing tall! With her heels shes almost 15cm taller, can you imagine the diff? People will think she's my bigger sis, lol!

Okay gotta run!


Loads of changes to be done.
Mostly the style of me blogging I s'pose?

Miss Stephiielicious and Mr Collin had ideas of starting their own blogshop.
Heh yeah, us jumping on the online business band wagon. No harm right, since we're both doing business course in college. It'll give us both good exposure, maybe?

Im still unsure as i'm worried of the response i'll get hrmm, plus it takes alot of time and effort.
Gah suggestions suggestions pwease?

Anyhoo, its getting late and I have a pretty hectic day ahead.
Imma call it a night (:

Goodnight my lovelies!

Picture says a thousand words..

Eevon with her AwAw bangs!

Cupcake faces!

It took Miss Eevon Aw and Kimberly an hour to arrive.

We sang our lungs out, laughed like hell.
From Malay to English to weird weird songs, damn funny weih.

Still have pictures from Redbox, Curve with SWai and Wandarrrr.
This one lagi syiok! Lol.

Till then! <3

I'll return the favour


* I love you mummy so so much. Thank you for always being there for me, eventhough sometimes I dont really pay attention to what you try to tell me but all your advices are stuck inside my head already. I hope you enjoy everything that me and Erin had planned for you <3 Loves! *

So anyway, this week has been really forgiving to/for me.
Of all the ups and downs, I still had pillows around to cushion my fall.

Darling Eevons birthday.
Me and Marshy waiting for Lady AwAw to arrive, so for the time being what else do girls do?

Camwhore! (: heh.

Next will be Sri Ayunthaya updates.


p/s : CBox might be up and running anytime soon. Prolly after college starts. We'll see (:

Mini updates!

Results are out next week, by Friday I suppose.
Omggg damn nervous can?

So the holidays have been doing me good, basically I got time for myself. Been pampering myself like diamonds (:

Manage to have berbonding time with my buddies.

Oh not forgetting a lil bit of partying!

Afdzal, Siddeq, Moi //.

Since I have always been studying so hard during my examinations (:

Catch up sessions with the classmates at Laundry.
More updates to come!


Happy Birthday to my darling Lady AwAw.

Will be meeting you tonight again for dinner.
Mhmm Thai food (:

Till then! Loves.

You didnt want to..

Overdue pictures from McClarens F1 Party.


Seriously I don't like people wearing mask hiding their true self.
Those that never calls you unless they need something or someone.

I've been spending the days and nights with friends I didn't really acknowledge at first but now I realized that they have always been there for me. I was just too blind to see. Thanks for calling me when you know I need you, thanks for popping up last minute when you know I needa break from my life and scream my lungs out. Thanks for the dinners and Rasta/Laundry sessions. Thanks for having me in your house drinking up all the wine, haha.

But the worst part from all of these is I lost my best friend, a friend that I loved.
I know that you'll have me back if I make promises and change. But some part of me knows that things wouldnt be the same as before and it is all my fault. I got no one else to blame but myself.

Thanks for everything (:

Happy Labour Day!

Yesterday night was spent at MOS.
Which I kinda regretted, cause baby was at Zouk.

& it was also Uncle Points last day of spinning before he goes on tour but oh wells. My babes were at MOS, or so thats what I thought.

The line was so longgggggg until that some of them left ):

But nevertheless, I still manage to have some fun.
Not much pictures, I only took three shots. LOL

This one was stolen off Adele's blog

Heh, did some editing myself!


On another note, im so bugged out.
Been thinking alot.

think think think*

Not something I like to be doing.

Part of how I feel right now..

I don't know who to trust
No surprise

Everyone feels so far away from me;

Heavy thoughts sift through dust and the lies.

I try not to break but I'm so tired of this deceit, every time I try to make myself get back up on my feet all I ever think about is this; All the tiring time between & how I tried to put my trust in you just takes so much out of me.

Tension is building inside steadily;
Everyone feels …