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Joke of the Day.

Before I start blaberring about the most silliest thing that could've happen to me ever, I'll like to share something with you guys (:

I dyed my hair brown!
Okay from blonde to dark blonde to ash then black and now brown! I'm considering platinum blonde tho. Dont know whether I can pull it off or not. Hmmm.

Anyway this is basically what happened today.

I was rushing out as I was afraid that I might be late to pick sis up from school. So as usual I checked everything, made sure I brought everything I needed for the day as well. Walked out through the front door then locked the gate, twice. Went down to the car, went into the drivers seat and started up the engine; closed the door and was walking halfway to the other side of the car when I heard a 'click'. It didnt matter at first, as soon as I got to the other side, I pulled the door handle and realized that the door was locked. First thing that came to my mind was to check the other doors. OMFG, its all locked! Like wt…
Poppy Garden.
Daryl's Farewell.

Misses him ): Come back faster!

Michael Jackson

The dark skies and rainy clouds shadows all the sunlight from coming in my bedroom. I woke up saddened by the news of Michael Jacksons death. He died at the age of 50.

I couldn't believe what mum was telling me, she took it so lightly. I went out and watch the telly where they were announcing the cause of death. Flashing images of the king of pop were splashed all over the news. His legacy will never end.

He created the moonwalk and taught white people how to dance.
He sold the most album, 'Thriller' ever.
He is known for his trademark black shoe and white socks. With ever so fancy costumes.

He is one of a kind, a unique gem.

This is how he should be remembered and thought of.

Even after so many decades in the music/entertainment industry. Michael manage to maintain an ever growing line of fans. A musical phenomenon.

I grew up listening to him and dancing to his songs. I can even do the Thriller dance! Not forgetting Beat It. I teared listening to the devastating news about his…

Fashionology 4#

Flora top and white mini, plus white ballet flats.
Simple and comfy but still in style.

Lady Aw Aw's Birthday

Dinner at Sri Ayutthaya, Bukit Damansara.
The food was great, company was awesome, the cupcakes were delicious!

Had so much fun with all the babes!Girls night outing soon soon (:Haha I should go now, I promised to study.. But nothing goes in and I feel so damn frustrated now arghhhhhhhhh!Wish me luck people!Loves!

Study week.

Stephanie Lim will be on hiatus!

Gonna be a nerd for a whole week, exam this Saturday.

The date i'm waiting for!

My Law class is getting better, at last we all can genuinely be interested towards attending class. And omg, I love debates! Fun fun. Next topic, "Should gay marriages be legalized?" and "Should prostitution be legalized". Interesting and controversial, and trust me, with a class full of opinionated people the debates can get really heated! Pweeet.


Moving on, I really wanna share how I feel about some things.
I deleted my chatbox honestly because of two things, I dont really have the time to check my blog and secondly I dont like spammers.

Yes, things they say hurts sometimes but why should I bother in the first place since it isnt true to start with?
Well, all I can say is i'm weak and fragile and words hurts me like daggers piercing through my heart.

I know myself, that people are usually bored out of their minds or just plainly jealous; that gives them the pleasure of saying or more likely creating rumours to spread around and fill their empty pitiful time.

Fashionology 3#

Sailor tops!

Ahoy there!

Somedays I can just be so...

Retardedly weird.

I know! Damn random for me to say so right? Lol.

I was dying from the pain I had to go through.
& I was curling up like a ball; I seriously have no idea I got into that position!

- Brewball, Midvalley 5th of June 2009 -


I have alot on my mind right now.
Firstly, my gastric has gotten worst. I've been trying to eat healthy, i've never gone on a crash diet, always took my meals on a specific time, tried my best at everything possible just to prevent this from getting worst. Gah, but it looks like nothing is working ): So girls, please take care of your health. Dont go on crash diets or starve yourself for days. Its all not worth it. The medical bills can kill weih. Omg and the worst part its the meds, makes you feel like crap! Secondly, a lecturer in my college is being so unreasonable. Giving everyone a headache, well she's prolly thinking the same thing about us. Oh wells. Thirdly, quizes and midterms are coming up. And i'm SO UNPREPARED. This sem is just so effed up. Ishhh.

Fashionology 2#

My new found love, Playboy x Croxxover x TheTokyoPimps.
I'm not a big fan of this streetwear thingymajiggy but I do have some knowledge about it tho.

Anyhoo daddy got it for me, from his recent trip to Hong Kong.
Ahhh loves! My daddy is a awesome shopper haha.


Just finish a berbonding session with the guys/collegemates at my place.
Yakyakyaked away, drank some absolut with 100 Plus Orange. Weird and tasted like orange juice lol.

Gotta sleep soon, have a doctors appointment tomorrow. GAH I HATE DRIVING!

Ohh by the way, MY BIRTHDAY IS FINALLY OVER! *inside story/joke*


Ripped this off from Zouks webbie.

I miss the bunchhhhhhhh! Mich, moi, Lady AwAw, B.I.G, Felicia.


Seventeen Again

Erin, Ming, Cally and Moi went to The Curve to catch Zac Efrons new flick, 17 Again. And boy, we droooooooooooooled all over him!

Omg, seriously ZacE was never cute/hawt to me but oh my gosh he just looked so good in that movie. Especially the part where he was stepping out of the Audi with his leather jacket and aviators! *drools*

So it was a midnight movie and we had plenty of time to kill, dropped by Laundry for drinks.

Had my cosmo as usual, then meatballs and other alco drinks for the girls.
Killed 2 hours by catching up on stories 'bout Cally and her new beau; and played bluff with Erin, etc.

Ming crashed our place later at night.

& I miss you hun! Gawd, we can really talk for hours weih, and two isnt enough ):
Will see you soon, mwahhhh!


Fashionology 1#

To prevent this blog from dying out, i'll publish short post called "Fashionology" it'll be small updates of what i'm doing and etc. I dont get Twitter, hence i'll hardly or maybe never update it anymore.

Anyway ladies, its SALES everywhere!
So do your shopping now, as we are all facing 'recession' so consider this as a recession sale. Many lovely buys right now, perfect time to bargain hunt.

For me, I went shoe crazy. Lol I have a majahhh problem!

Till then, shop shop shop!


Birthday presents!

My birthday had been a blast!

I'm so thankful for everyone who made it happen and was there to share with me, all the good times this few past few days and future days holds.

Thanks for helping out, thanks for the surprises, thanks for being there, thanks for sharing, and THANK YOU MY DEAR LOVELY FRIENDS! I'm so grateful I that I have friends like you all.

The goodies..

Few of the bunch of cards I recieved, filled with many well wishes and jokes!
I'm gonna put all of these up on my shelves, so when I wake up I'll be able to look at them.
& hopefully put a smile on my face.

And baby got for meee...

Hahaha, i'll let you do the guessing heeeeee!

Yin Yin and Kim got me this cutey (:

Mummy tried to surprise me with this; she got it from her recent trip to Singapore. But my dad kinda blurted out the 'surprise' way before she even had the chance to show it to me hahaha.

And last but not least..

Erin got me the new Flora by Gucci!Ahhhh me likey (:

I'm so happy for al…