Study week.

Stephanie Lim will be on hiatus!

Gonna be a nerd for a whole week, exam this Saturday.

6 little note(s) ♡:

  1. hey..lovin ur blogskin :)
    and good luck with ur exam..

  2. all the best for exams!! looking forward to your shopping posts :D i'm too broke to go on a spree now but it'd be the next best thing to read about yours haha

  3. wei..the more & more ler..tings ll kill by ur priceless time....u should go happy every days lor..&,wish u are..don't be so sad & bother those things lor..hurting urself oni..take much k ler..pray for u la..
    laiyeng =)

  4. Aly no worries, I will do it asap okay? Shopping on a budget eh? Same goes to me im effing broke too ): sighs*

    Lai Yeng, i'm okay no worries! How are u?

  5. haha..nnot that good..but,anyway is time for me to get some experience... =(


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