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My sem break just started!

Us in our formal wear for Law debate.
Ahh, gonna start missing college now ):

Online Shopping 1#

Hello my lovelies i'm back! Yeah just did my last paper today, Elementary Law. I'm not to happy about it tho, I guess I didnt do so well. But all hopes are in for Psychology. xxx Anyway as I promised a little know how on online shopping. I'm so lazy to go out and shop nowadays, thats why I converted to do everything online! And I dont even have to move and inch, I can browse through shops while watching TV. Hahah yes I am that lazy. I have a few blogshops that I truly love. Let me share with you this blog shop I adore, I bought almost about four pieces of clothings from this shop this year and I love all the clothes I recieved! ROOM 8008
First thing I love about ROOM 8008 is their spunky and fun pictures! Imagine boring old dolls modelling clothes, would you have a clear idea of what your purchasing?
The other thing I love about ROOM 8008 is wonderful service I've recieved so far. Cash on delivery service is always up to par, and I she doesnt make me wait! Their always so friendl…

twit twitt!

Pictures of the moment. I got these clip on extensions! Haha, got it for fun cause it was on sale.
The extra length (:
Me and my sayang Abbiekins. Hahah damn random right?

Wendy's 19 //. TEASER POST

Dont worry, we didnt put her thru hell. Just thru a lot of confusing/embarrasing situations, haha.

Had the Pulau Ketam Stemboat at Desa Park City, lovely lovely place. So to the Birthday girl, Happy Birthday once again!

Bahaha but, your birthday week is over already!

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

Yes bitches! Am watching Harry Potter now, this instant at GSC Premier @ The Gardens, Mid Valley. please dont dissapoint me
Will tweet about the movie later, watch out for spoilers! Hahaha.


My best best best friend in the whole world. My insybitsytinywinieSISTA!
Love you! *okay lah, youre not that tinybitsyblabla*

Fashionology 6#

I dont consider this fashion tho. But I bet most of you havent seen me in shoes, more over Nike Dunks. LOL.

Damn random & funny. HARHAR

Campus Dodgeball

Two days ago, after college I went over to KBU College. Played foosball and rocked at it! Haha. Headed over to Centrepoint McDonalds and waited for my darling Abbie to finish college. Yes, my baby started college at IACT already. Yippeee! Headed over the Curve for lunch at Sakae Sushi.
Then to e@Curve, formerly known as Cineleisure to watch/support KBU'ians. Before the tournament started, had round of dodgeball and realised how badly I sucked. Ohmygod! Its damn scary seeing balls flying towards you, heh. It wasnt that easy tho, there are rules that I didnt know existed until I played. To me, I thought dodgeball was all about throwing balls at someone. Haha enough of dem balls. Pictures!

Lots of effort and hardwork! Its not an easy sport, but im hooked (: LOVES!

Rasta sessions!

Yumcha sessions at Rasta, TTDI. Late nights, football season, yadayada.

Our favourite snack!

Kerang bakar!No doubt dirty and eeky but delicious! Not to mention cheap as well. Lol.

To my dearest BFF!


Rainbows and honeymellows.

Hello! Oh my god, I feel so much better today.
Thanks to my darling Abbie and few others (: Thanks for cheering me up!

Ooh and I checked out KBU College today, not too shabby I might say. Hahah such a different environment compared to HELP College! Played foos, I won! And hung out at Centerpoint, McD.

Then went to The Curve to meet Abbie darl up. Lunch at Sakae Sushi. Then went over to e@Curve and played a game of dodge ball. It was fun but scary weih! Heh. Then we stayed longer to watch the match, it was so exciting! mhmm loves!

Picture of the day *grabbed it from photobucket*, wish to fly away in a bubble. An outer protection, colourful and soft.

Anyway people, follow me on my Twitter!.
I'll be updating through my mobile phone, frequent updates on my whereabouts & what i'm up to *that is if you do care heh*.


Karaoke session with BFF's at The Curve

Karaoke session few weeks back with Wandarrr and Miss See Why at Redbox, The Curve.

Ymy besties!

Fashionology #5

Looks like i'm going on a trip..

Taaaaaaaaaa! xYxY