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Daryl's 26th Birthday | Duta Vista.

So my dear godbrother celebrated his 26th birthday at Duta Vista weeks back. me and the boyfie dropped by for a bit.
I hoped I managed to surprise him tho harhar.

babykhoo and keewei.

catherine and me

the birthday cake!

awww so shocked hehe.

the group of frienddds.

the girls :)

the godbro and me :)

baby had to down for the already drunk-ed godbro hahahaha.

Stefanie Aw's Birthday | Phuture, Zouk.

Stefanie Aw's Birthday with the girlies! Its been so long since I last clubbed with the girls :D

Debbie, Sherrie, Eevon, Stef, Yvonne, Steph. Haha.
I dont know who took this but I got left out ): boohoo too lazy to grab pics on facebook so this will have to do.

I forgot what mixture is this, somehow it has a slight tinge of blacklabel. Confirm kena spiked already.

miss gaga.

Hahahah Stef's face damn cannot make it. but shoo cute!

jaagerbombbs from Gaga and Sherrie with loooove! hehe.

my poopieboo!

then headed back to mainroom with babykhoo to meet the others.

EggyTay, babykhoo and me.

Aaron and Leyvin.

Andii hahahaha.


it was a superduperawesomee great night with the girlies and thanks to the boyf who took caree of a very tipsy me :DD cant waait for the next round!

shopping trip with the sister!

soooo before my trip to Turkey, I went on a shopping spree with the sister to hunt for winter clothing. What better place than KL right?
Anyways, first off Pavilion.

Love this leopard printed dress :D
Then did the usuals, being all touristy taking pictures with the Christmas deco etc (ooh, btw Merry Christmas! I know its late but better late than never right?)

shiny ornament ball *dumdumdeedum*
had latee lunch at Sushi Zanmai at Fahrenheit after some massive shopping at Uniqlo. Not that i'm in love with Uniqlo or anything but I had no idea where else to go for winter clothing.

uhm yea, so anyways walked out with 5-6 huge ass baggs of clothes!

its not fun to walk across kayelle town with so many baggage grr. but the results were awesomee, the clothes managed to keep me warm in Turkey.
then on the way home we stopped by to try out the new dessert shop at Kota Damansara called Ice Room. Its something like KTZ at SS2 but not with so much choices. Ambience was great tho.

SHAVED ICE! wheeeeeeeeeeeee…

Aly & Fila | Mainroom, Zouk.

Event at Zouk weeks back. Mainroom for Aly & Fila.

babykhoo and me.
with Charinee

& Jordan

Goh Yuan and Andii

babys new friend, lol.

my bigfattumtum :D

matt, king and Jordan.

the boyyyyys.



Happy Anniversary babykhoo ;)e

Hello, right now it'll be my last day in Turkey, kinda sad that i'm not in Malaysia to be celebrating our anniversary together but i'm coming home tomorrow morning! woohoooo :D

i'm glad to have had this past year and wonderful months with you // the ups and downs, we managed to pull through thick and thin eventhough with our 'amazing' *ahems* qualities and personalities hehe.

i'm glad we managed to make few memorable memories together like we said we would ;) I love you khooleyvin and thanks for everythingg. I'll be back soon, hug fluffie for me kays?
Then it'll be Christmas! yeay :D

Happy Anniversary, x.

*p/s : the rest of the sweet loveydovey things i'll tell you when i'm back! This is not all but its public place to be speaking of us lolol.  Hehe*