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booboo :)

baby & me having drinks now with hemraj at Wong Kok , Giza ; finally no more stressss!

dilemma ;

A GADGET DILEMMA THAT IS ! ohmy. I have this serious issue of buying gadgets on impulses ; & I cant seem to differentiate which one I want and need. I wish to own all some of them .. 1# Blackberry Bold
2# CSL Blueberry Cube
Fujifilm Instax Mini - Polaroid

4# Blackberry Tour Limited Edition - Monocrome white

5# Blackberry Bold 9000 Limited Edition Ooooh I likeeeeee :D blame it on the boyfie & friends for influencing the blackberry fever -_- p/s : I want/need a new camera too, I need better night shots & people pictures. sigh.
How laa like thatttt : /

what it feels like for a guy to do something that makes you cryyy ;

Something I found on cosmo ..
" Its the sharp inhalation that comes just before the tears, the one that tugs at her bottom lip, that ruins me. This isnt what I intended. I didnt mean to make her cry. Why did I do that? stupid stupid stupid.
I'd like to say that as the first tears falls, all I can focus on are her beautiful eyes flooded with hurt. Instead, i'm for some reason suddenly keenly aware of everything around me : The room is too hot or cold, a bird is chirping outside, my back itches. My brain is scrambled by shame & a mushrooming fear that I wont be able to make this better. I want to run away, partly because i'm a coward & partly because i'm supposed to protect her from the things that hurt her ... and right now, that thing is me.
But I fight the urge to flee. I'll hug her if she lets me. I try to explain that, what I did won't happen again or that I didnt mean it. And eventually, I say i'm sorry, because even if I wasnt sorry before sh…

✈ Perth 2010 ♡ ✈

pictures from my trip last year. Perth, Australia.
we took the habour cruise along the river ; gorgeous views of the city and I even manage to spot some dolphins!
whenever we're at Australia we usually take the public transp. its so much better compared to what we have to deal with in Malaysia.

& lunch at some Japanese restaurant downtown city center. then shopping!
to diee for australian candiess! & yes Supreeeee :D

at Vietnam town or something. was there to try some Vietnamese delicacies.

Erin looks so carefree here, heh.

then off to the nearest market to buy some fresh grocerries for barbeque the next day. the varieties were to die forr. mm yums.

some very interesting chocolate I spotted (;

shopping/visiting/touring again at Hilary's Boat Harbour. Notice how they spelt Kuala Lumpur ; KUALA LUMPAR hahahaha.

daddykins, lovely bright sunny day!

it was a really beautiful sunny day with moderate clouds, making me so happy !

stopped by a mini mall otw back to Burswood. g…

Alice in Wonderland

So on Sunday night me and the family had a berbonding session ; watched Alice in Wonderland 3D in One Utama :D loved loved loved the movie! I absolutely fell in love with the Mad Hatter! & the storyline is damn good. Anyways on Monday met up with the besties for karaoke at Redbox ; Gardens. it was so much fun! sang our lungs out till our throats went dry and till we were starving as hell till Erin & SeeWai had to sneak in sushi hahahaha :D
after karaoke'ing we went over to Mid Valley to check out the decorations inconjunction with AIW. I was madddd happy omgg, was being a kind again hahaha.

me and the four darlingggs.

more pictures soon!
credits to : Wendy Yit <33

got me AIW teapot set :D


oh btw friends, my digi phone died on me.
& I cant remove the simcard because I zh'ng my phone and glued the thing shut, omfgmajorlol.
so if youre trying to contact me you can call my maxis , if you dont have it message me on facebook!

cherriossss, ta.


I guess many of you have already seen Lady GaGa's new video - Telephone, and also Bad Romance.
you'll probably also notice earphones/headphones in the shape of a triangle ; metal-like thingamajiggs.
& omg you know what ? Its for sale! For about RM300+ omg omg omg.
its quite pricey tho, but compared to a genuine iPod in-ear headphones its actually quite okayy, lol.

fashion statement major!
comes with a matching cover as well and in three diff colours, black red silver.
omggg the looooveeeeeee.

why cant my birthday be sooner?

short short tinee winee updates !

laptop aint coming back for one more week. sighh* so these are the pics I stole from Abbie's cam, harhar. Opera.

there's more pics but i'll make u wait ;p meh. I seriously cant waittttt for like next weekend and April, hahahah PLANS! sneaky me D: hopefully everything goes smoothly. till then lovelies! x
p/s : I was playing with Erin's photoscape. was utterlyboredtodeath, sorry for the over exposure & flickers.