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Exam Hiatus!

Hello my dear readers!

So much have been going on lately, its been on hell of a rollercoaster ride.
Now for the ultimatum, finals one day before and after merdeka. I serioooouly hate my college so much right now, its spoiling everything and trust me I have so much to rant and complain now.
Not only that I have to study, I also have to plan and shop. Because its important and its major, not for my leisure /: THE PLANNING PART IS KILLING ME, especially due to the packed days ahead I have. I dont have the time to fit everything in one, and studies are my priority now, I try to tell myself that but I cant concentrate ):
Please kill me now. My schedule is full till two weeks after.

Anyhoo, some eye candy x.

Pool party with the girls at Luna Bar. Chantelle, Vivian, Yve, Kat and Michelle.

Food tasting at Zouk Cafe with Erica. We had a scrumptious meal!

Port Dickson with the boyfie last week. 3 days 2 nights stay, had yummy seafood and dinner by the beach. spend the night drinking wine till we got drunk …

my 20th birthday with the boyfie ♥

Mr Unicorn blindfolded me and kidnapped me for almost an hour in his car, zooming around; me swaying left-right-left-right.  I was thinking to myself, ohmygod, where is he bring me?
Next thing I remembered was opening my eyes to see the beautiful Kuala Lumpur skyline. I saw the Twin Towers on my left and the Maxis building on my right, I straight away recognized the place.
It was Traders Hotel!
He brought me for a scrumptious buffet dinner as he knows that I EAT A LOT!

the ambience was really delightful and it wasnt packed, thankfully.

us ♥
we switched tables as I thought the table was kindaaa small, and the service was darnn gooood. they were so attentive to us! I LOOOOOOOIKE.

as usual, me and my love for oysters nomnomnomss.

the foodie monster! grrrr. shooo hungry, hahahaha.

I tell you ah, my boyfriend is a daaaamnnn good planner, or a really good actor. Either one lol.
He asked me where would I like to go after the dinner and I said 'I'm fine with anything'. He ask me to make a choice, s…

beertime! :D

I went for happy hour with the girls at Overtime, Giza. It has been sometime since I met them up since all of us are busy with work, school, etc. managed to catch up on current events and also the gossip works harharr.

StefanieAw and Sherrie

I was saying something then got candid by Sherrie -___-

hamster facee and yours truly ;
then me and hamsterface went to fullhouse and continued gossiping hahahahaha. yess I miss my Lady AwAw, x.

Pak Ken's Birthday at Bakita, Changkat.

This was during the worldcup season ; headed down to Bakita, Changkat for Germanys final match and also for Pak Ken's birthday.

AbigailT, Pakken, yourstruly and Sarny. Thankfully I bought the right top since the start of the season harhar. they didnt win but still it was a good run :)

Mandy, Sarny, Abigail and me.

the boy and I.

nomings on the yummy cakeee mhmm. I look so monstrous tho! D:

hes always on the phone and I look so freaking scaryy! lol.

group picture!