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Dash Berlin | Euphoria by Ministry of Sounds.

Dash Berlin at MOS. Its been a long time since I went to MOS, feels definitely weird being there after a long time haha.
Anyways picturees!

baby and me.

the sea of people! thank god for the vip table, our own space.

Dash Berlin just got up on stageee and the crowd went wilddd.

me and 69.

mandy, abby and me.

hemraj, me and vin.

peaceeeeeeee :p
& of course champagne!

some yummy yummy bubbly!

I was going likee "weeeeeeeeee".

sham, nick, and ravin. &of course yours truly.

the boyyys!

love my lowerlashes harhar.
it was a good night, had a great time especially with the boyf ;

welcome February, Chinese New Year, Valentines day!

catching up with some long lostt loooove!

Finally after months, I got to meet up with darling Madeline. Had late lunch at Garden's Cafe & Lifestyle Store.

me, my drink and some mashpotatoes.

a very veryy generous helping of mash.

darlingg Maddy! and I brought the newly bought iPad out for testing heee.

after that had some desserts at Chocolate Lounge where Jacklyn came and meet us.

my omnomnommy juicy strawberries! dipped in oozing goodness, CHOCOLATE.

outfit of the day. loving my suede pumps, and its reasonable! From F21.

with the darlinggs, till the next time all of us have time to meet up harharr.

heat it up! | 4Play at Zouk.

So it was girls night out with my girlies at Zouk for 4Play ; but I got the boyfie to tag along as my designated driver heeheee.

On the way to kayelleee! all ready to partyyyy :D

the boyfriend and me.

Eevon la Aw and yours truly.

my girlies! that's Sherrie on the right by the way.

Eevon goes, mehhhh.

silly faces!

Gigi and Qin Ru.

Sherrie & Vin

another shot of us Y

SHORTY Edric and me.

Puiyee and me, loving her newly cut bangs!

cannot make it shot lol. got forced to the dancefloor haha.

Stefani Aw, Sheneyin, me and friend.

Last but not least, SUPPER TIME! seriously I look forward to all my late night munchies ; cant go home wit

Drinking Session | Giza.

Drinking session with Miss Jeslyn ; had to catch up and the boys joined us as it was some sort of a surprise for me, lol.

boys with their beer & girls with their wines.

same manicure designs! weeeeeeeee.

loveydovey updates!

small, quick update of what me and mrkhoo have been up to. spending days and nights together, exploring things and also succumbing to the usual daily routines.

cravings for Japanese food, usual spots would be Sushi Tei and Sushi Zanmai mmm.

gyuniku rolls, avocado tobikko, salmon and some chuka kurage.
couldnt catch a movie hence we ended up bowlingg.

brand new topshop socks I bought just for this game, lol.

doing his thinggg, I really didnt take him seriously when he told me he could bowl ; he beat me hands down. grr

late afternoons we had ; prolly from a late nightts. would wake up and go out for super late lunch at somewhere near.

bbq plaza was near, and the craving for grilled meat! hehe.

or even Paparich nearby would suffice.
my sexy back, whooots*

sometimes he would take me out or accompany me on my shopping quest! hehe.
Bangsar ; ended sweating bucket loads and achy feet! thank god for an indoor seated La Bodega on Telawi.

the fatty and me (;
with all these "adventures"*cough*laziness *c…