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bits & pieces from Turkey '10.

hello theree! grabbed these pictures from Lylia's cam :D heehee.
been waiting for them since ages ago, wanna put some up on the wall of memories.


So as you all know, I attended the launch of Stylekandi. Here are few of the remaining pictures courtesy of Andy Kho.

MHB-ian's. Do check us out on facebook for more of events and food tasting reviews!

The darling that accompanied me :)

known him for a few years now, hahaha. How time flies!

The "babysitter" and us girls. my eyes are freakishly huge here, lol.

the darlings from MHB !
for more info regarding Stylekandi, do check out their facebook page or their website! anyone needs a Beta key? Dont hesitate to message me (:

thousand and four.

After looking at these pictures you'll understand the title. I realized righttt, most of my friends love to spoil the shot by covering their faces lor. Next time I dont wanna take pictures of you all already! hmpft.

CATHERINE LEOWWW! grr. while drinking at Beer Factory.

Jeslyn! Youre not singing yet you wanna cover your face instead of posing prettily hmpftt.

sucked too deep ; karaoke must focus 100% one like entering competition. cannot even stop and smile for one second horrr dearies :p

this one lagi funny, cover face with TWO fingers -_______-

okay this one not so bad la. Hiding behind computer. at The Bee chilling. Stalking fashion sites with the iPad.

till then, x.
oh yea by the way this post was justtt for fun hehehehe. mwahs!

mini updates!

I have a handful of pending blog posts. Hopefully I can upload the pictures up to blogger by tonight.
Sometimes blogging can be really, tiring when you have remember and take the time to upload all the pictures. Ooh and also compiling them!
Anyways miniupdates, hehe. Its like a mini reminder to me as well.
1# Jaz Beer Food Review at 69 Bistro, Damansara Perdana.

with the girls Michelle & Nicole and of course Andy!

2# Evo Screening Party at Ecoba.

as you can see, the besties eyeballs are glued on to the screen with all the other Formula One fans, while me and Zlwin are picture ready! :D

3# Mist 2nd Anniversary

It doesnt matter where you at but with the right people, you know its gonna be awesome. & the crowd that night was different. Met a lot of people I never expected to be there haha. End of the night, me and jeslyn were sooooo tipsyyy!

4# Zouk's 7th Anniversary

sooooooooo many familiar faces that night, what you expect its zouk. Many many pictures from different cameras as well hmm.


Living large at Genting Highlands.

Daddy's friend came down from Jakarta ; so the four of us went up to Genting to meet him, since it was just a nights stay I thought why nott. Better than partying the weekend away again.
To my surprise me and the sis got our own room at the Genting Resort. Maxim Suite, ahh sounds too good to be true. Anyways at the lobby waiting for daddy to check in.

going first class has its perks ; we were served a variety of tea we could choose from while waiting for the process of checking in to be done.

opted for some Jasmine tea (; when we got to the suite, well, its just about the same size as the Maya Hotels junior suite. but what's there to complain as the rooms in any Genting hotel is really really small.

uber love the bathtub as theres a TV which I then took a nice warm bubble bath while watching Final Destination 4. Ooh and they provided orange sea salts!

Top : Leather jacket from Zero to Ten, T-Shirt from Zara. Bottom : Jeggings from Zara. Shoes : Boots from Japan.
Then we all met downstai…