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back to the old habits ;

picture filled post! yes, something to feast your eyes on before I get to serious blogging? ahah.
girls and I headed to our favourite place during the weekends for some birthday and major fun bimbo loving moment :D

zining, cath, erin, me and jeslyn.

birthday boy Ben (oh how it goes BBB haha) and Erin.

ooh and I just did my nails, lace and 3D art, major loves!

never seen her for ages, people meet Sin Yee.

ben, collin and eason.

cousin Lylia and Erin ; it was her birthday too wheeee.

the girlies!

the two dudes : Vicharn & Monkey.

so we had all the fun, like we do. till next time!


hey there fellow readers!

I've realized that I havent been a very responsible blogger. Sorry for the lack of updates but I have been really busy with my birthday (pre and post birthday woes), my classes commencing, running major errands, traveling & finally transferring everything into my new laptop. Didn't know it could be such a hassle! Now all the pictures are scrambled up and unorganized, sighs. Resorting to me, organizing it all manually D: Please bear with me and i'll be back on track soon, hopefully *fingerscrossed*

till theeeeeen lovelies! xo

penang | 10th of June.

So we had a short vacation two weeks back. Travelled up north to Penang, the whole family of mine.

the Penang Bridge, well part of it. checked into Gurney Hotel & this was the view from our suite, share with my sister. Was kinda big for just the two of us.

Right after we checked in, had lunch at the Japanese restaurant below our hotel called Ichiban. then off to Gurney Plaza for some shopping while daddykins went for some golfing with his buddies.

Outfit of the day. Top : Valley Girl Bottom : Sungai Wang Bag : Longchamp Shoes : *iforgotthename,oops!* Scarf : Forever 21 Cardi : Zara
There wasnt much to buy *duhh, who goes to Penang to shop right?* so we had some bubbletea & corn in a cup , lol. Walked all the way back to our hotel after that.

had dinner at daddys friends restaurant then we headed to South Quay since it was newly opened. Its a marina/port like place, with cafe's all around. And of the whole mall we spotted a very VERY unique concept cafe. Guess what? :D

Okayy, there'…