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✈ Osaka 2011 ♡ ✈

So I've been eating more than I've been shopping since I got here. Not a bad thing but I kinda look/feel bloated. Still not bad as everything taste abso delicious!

Met up with Jacklyn on Saturday evening and started off with few glasses of drinks at a bar called Crystal behind Shinsaibashi-Suji, while I was waiting for a friend of mind to meet us to bring us clubbing (:

The three of us girls (Erin, Jac & I) then headed to Club Azure with David & his friends. First time in an underground club playing pure HipHop/RnB ; it was deff a diff scene.

The next day we did some shopping at Shibuya 109, Jacs last day in Osaka.

Then we tried Fugu and had some sushirolls for dinner.

Not forgetting Neoprints stickers! Yes, we even made mummy do it :p Couldn't help but spend more time around the Glico Man area as there's so much going on there at night!

Paid a little visit to Osaka's Aquarium, then a bit more shopping .

While walking back to Shinbashi District, I t…

✈ Chiang Mai ♡ 2011 [pt. I] ✈

Visited Chiang Mai not too long ago, my first time there and I actually really love the place! So cool and windy, great food and the locals were sooooo friendly. I dont mind going back for the second time as I didnt get to explore every hidden corner of that particular town.

So when we landed, we were whisked off to the highest point in Chiang Mai, a must-not-miss scenic view of the whole of Chiang Mai

Lovely aint it?

Osaka bound!

Yeps i'm currently in the Land of The Rising Sun! It's so cold here my face is freezing! Gosh. Little bit of small updates if you missed my twitter/IG craze.
Shinbashi-Namba-GlicoMan, Luxury Boutiques opposite my hotel, and what I saw on the way to the hotel (: Osaka pretty much looks the same since 6 years ago. But I still love everything about Japan!
Till then! x

[ADV] Where's the Party 2#?

Yeaps its back again, and this time I wasnt gonna miss it for the world!
Held on the 19th of December 2011, guests and party-goers were ushered to a secret location kept secret by theh Carlsberg's staff till the very last minute.

Building on the positive momentum and overwhelming response towards the debut of “Where’s The Party?” (WTP) held in June this year, Carlsberg definitely raised the bar by hosting another outstanding party for more than 2,000 party goers challenging the curiosity of partying in an unknown location.

And guess where the party was held this time...
Yepp, it was held at the one and only very own Carlsberg Malaysia’s Brewery in Shah Alam! Its the facility where the first Carlsberg beer was locally brewed in 1972.

So everyone was held at the Carlsberg lounge for a press conference and got an idea of what to expect for the next few hours.

Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia said “We are thrilled at the extensive rea…

Tiesto Live in Sepang International Circuit '11 ;

Hello darlinggs!
So I skipped Zoukout for Tiesto. I know, I know, Zoukout wouldve been much more funnn. But guess what, I enjoyed myself fully attending Tiesto! I didnt expect that I could 'layan' his music, but he played more mainstream songs that I heard of and yep, it made my night harhar.

On the way to the venue Agnes and I were already sharing a bottle of wine :p Gosh talk about being an alcoholic!

When we got there Blink was playing his set.

The place was already swarmed with hardcore raverrs.

Brandon, Nigel and I.

69, me, Abel and Kerynne.

Brandon and Ming Yu.

Look at the crowd, thank god we had the cabaña or else I would die of suffocation. Ugh, imagine the BO.

Abel looking like a teddy heehee.

Darryl sayangg ;

Cassandra and I, she's such a darling by the way. MUST PARTY MORE WITHH HERRR :D

Ezra, with that outfit and pose, he looks like he meant business LOL.

Andrea Ong and I -- we had to climb up on the fence to take this shot -.-" girls and camwhoring lol.

Jessica, me, E…