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I like to be, everything youu wantt ;

I seriously seriously need more inspirations for titles when it comes to the pile up of clubbing pictures.
Now playing : Justin Bieber - Boyfriend ; haters shall hate, but really this song doesnt sound bad at all. Why hate someone who worked his ass of to be on top, hmmm.

Anywayys, pictures from Zouk. Where else right? Lol.

Girls, Cynthia, Ivy Kok and Erin, the night where we tried, Orange juice + Champagne, Vodka + Champagne + JW Black Label. You can literally roll out of Zouk. *burrrps*

Sherrie and Tania Nicole Sammyyyyy;

mad amount of alcohol ;

Matt & I

Evie Wong, Kapoh and me ;

silly Timothy and I.

more silly faces from Marco, Cynthia and Erin.

Dennis and Erin.

Misterpotato and I.

Louis and I.

Melissa, Ivy, Cynthia, Erin and I.

Stefanie Aw & Stephanie Lim ;

Marcus, Chian Zen & Pierre ;

Wai Ken and I .

May Gin, Mandy & I ;

a cray cray Velvet night, Jeremy's face explains it all.
The boys were all stripping lolol.

Alvin, me and Timothy Tan.

WeeDher Ta & I ;

Melissa, Jiahui &…

What I cooked :

First and foremost, yes I can cook. I'm just too lazy and my schedule doesn't allows me the time to.
Anyways, I was "inspired" to try something out yesterday. Went to Village Grocer and got the ingredients, went home and start prepping.

Ingredients : 1. Chicken breast 2. Brown Mushrooms 3. One whole lemon 4. Lemon Thyme 5. Italian Parsley 6. Black Pepper Cheese 7. Alfafa & Onion 8. Garlic 9. Breaded Crumbs 10. Egg white

Method : 1. Clean the chicken breast ( i.e - cut off all the excess fats, and skin, whatever you dont wish to have on ) , then make a pocket in the middle so that it can be stuffed later. Set aside. 2. Chop the brown mushrooms to tiny cubes, save some if you wanna make some saute mushrooms for the side. Slice the garlic, lemon thyme, italian parsley and some black pepper cheese. 3. Fry the tiny cubes of brown mushroom, set them aside when they're almost done. Put the garlic, lemon thyme, italian parsley and black pepper cheese which you have sliced earli…

Seewai's "16th" ! @ Tanzini, GTower.

Happy Belated Birthday to the bestie! May you be sixteen always :)

We girls had lunch at Tanzini, GTower. First time being there during the day.

Its more, peaceful and we kinda got the whole place to ourselves :DD WIN!

Me, Erin, Birthday Girl Seewai and Wendy.

yours truly ; with accessories to match! :D

Didnt really take much pictures of the food and etc, cause we were busy talking and catching up.

Its been a while since I got to see Wendy cause she's been busy dating hmpft.

ANDDDD... we were pretty hungry, cause we were late hehehehe!

After a very sinful and filling lunch, showed the girls around and of course, the usual group shot.
Every year we look different. I'm getting fatter and Wendy is getting slimmer, Seewai looks like she lost one leg in a picture (touch wood) and Erin, well she's growing up.

Before we left, le Birthday girl got a surprise Birthday cake, well a slice of it.
Trust me, we couldnt even finish it.

& that pretty much sums up our lunch.
I miss hanging out wit…

Back to Basics ;

Top : Nude Chiffon Top w/ Black Lining,Gossips, Bangsar.
Skirt : Gathered at the sides, high waisted, Tempt from Australia.
Shoes : Chunky Heels, Aldo.
Bag : Gucci
Accessories : Diva & Forever 21.

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge | March 2012 |

I'm sure many of you know Johnnie Walker. Well its the world's leading Scotch Whisky and also the number one preferred whisky in Malaysia.
Lo' behold, the infamous choice of whisky threw a grandeur of a party. Johnnie Walker's Black Circuit Lounge was back and made a stellar eventful night last March ;
Held at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park, Serdang (MAEPS), we party goers got to experience the glamorous lifestyle of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and Johnnie Walker in one of the grandest VIP race parties Kuala Lumpur has ever seen, as Johnnie Walker continually innovates to bring exciting new consumer experiences to the Black Circuit Lounge for the best Formula One lifestyle experience. With a wow-ing crowd of more than 1,500 A-list guests and party go-ers were invited to party the night away Johnnie Walker style!

Johnnie Walker are the global partners of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1™racing team since 2005 and today, they both share the values of innovation, winning…