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Hello Tuesday!

An idea of what my next post is gonna be about :)

Picture of Dash Berlin and I , weeeee! Have a great Tuesday y'all.

LMFAO Live in Malaysia 2012.

Back a while ago, got to party the night away singing bimboticly to LMFAO hits, chucking down beers and doing Jaaiger shots! Hehehe. Attended LMFAO's concert with the sister and cousin and also a few friends.

  Moons, Erin and me.

  Dennis and me.

party people waiting to party rock the night away!

DJ Monkey and I.

 Sayang Kenzo and I ; he's always bringing the party everywhere he goes! hehe.

 Cousin Lylia and Erin.

 Sonia and I ; identical poses haha!

 Sonia, Putera, Val and I ; I bumped into many familiar faces. Typical KL-ians. Just finished partying at Zouk @ Sepang, and now party rocking on a Monday night. My body was dying on me already! So much alcohol and dancing, feet is killing me!
The girls and Timmy.

Val, Lylia and Erin :D

 Bumped into a very tipsayyy Simone as well, like I said. HARDCORE! *highfives KL peeps* hehehee. 
 I shall end this post with this :

 Party rockkkkkkkk! Had so much fun, eventhough I couldnt see much from where I was standing (too short, wasnt i…

Melbourne Bound! [Teaser Post pt. II]

No words needed, enjoy the pics!
Anything leave a comment in the comment box (; Cheerios!

Melbourne Bound [Teaser Post pt. I]

Hello everyone!
As y'all have figured, I'm currently in Melbourne hence the lack of updates.

Flew right here a day after my exams. The biggest change would be the weather deff! It's so hot in Malaysia but totally chilly and windy here.

It's my second week here already and I've been having a blast. Spent 2 and a half weeks here last year, and spending a longer time here than the last. Met more friends and did more than the last ahhh, LOVING IT!

[ADV] Mr. Asahi the Robotman!

Last week I got to experience something really unique. Tell me, have you ever had your drink poured by a robot? Well I did and it was one whole new experience! Mr. Asahi, known as the world’s first robotic barman, is the brainchild of Japanese brewer Asahi and is able to serve people in less than a couple of minutes! Hence, saving the average person 13 minutes at the bar, saves time during happy hour? Haha. Well being capable of pulling 300ml pints and opening bottles, Mr. Asahi is able to serve up to 16 half pints or bottles at a time! Yes before I get into the whole deets of the roadshow, let's talk about Asahi the beer. Asahi means Rising Sun. And since Asahi is a the local beer of Japan, what can be more meaningful by naming the beer after something Japan is very well known as? For the curious cat, Asahi is specially made by using the karakuchi technique. It is a unique brewing method using a special yeast strain. The added adjective 'Super' is to reinforce the…

Back to The Future! [Melb]

Hello everyone! Hope everyones doing well.
If y'all follow me on my tweets/instagram you should know by now that I am currently in Melbourne!
Anyways if any of y'all in Melbourne, or gonna be in Melbourne anytime soon and would wanna party the night away, do come over and check this out an event specially brought to you by Puzzle. 
Puzzle Events presents a BIG ONE OFF PRE-EXAM PARTY!

Thursday 17th May 2012 at One off Melbourne's Valuable Gem Venues! Bobby McGees! Come and party at this big ONE OFF EVENTS planned to bring you back to the future! With 90's decore, this is one venue and night you dont want to miss! 
Come over and we'll party the night away. Great venue, awesome music & goooooood company.  Well this is the one night where we plan to take you on a whole new level of clubbing!

HypeEmBeats x JeeHoe


Exam hiatus!

Hello my fellow readers! I know I have deserted this blog for quite some time now and I feel terribly bad. But I'm on a short exam hiatus, even though my last paper is today I need time to recuperate. 
I am mentally drained from all that studying and memorizing.
Then it's officially SEMESTER BREAK weeee!
In coming post :
Topshop/Topman Fashion Show @ Zebra Square.

What I wore : 1. Top : Turtle Neck Cropped Top - Forever 21 2. Flare pants : from my trip; Chiang Mai (I'm sure you can get it anywhere nowadays) 3. Heels : from my trip; Ho Chi Minh. 4. Clutch : Yves Saint Lauren 5. Accessories : (a) Necklace - Diva, (b) Gold cuffs - H&M, (c) Belt - Chanel, (d) Rings - Forever 21.

After the fashion show it was off to Zouk for Zouk's 8th Anniversary party! It was a really fun night with the girlfriends, hoping from one end to the other. A quick dinner at an Iranian restaurant off Jalan Ampang. Had a fun time dancing our asses off at Zouk too. 
So stay tune for the next…