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Topshop + Zouk 8th Anniversary ;

How can I not love my city? No place feels better than home. Of course we have slight problems here and there. But sometimes, driving around KL in the day or even the night, my breath is taken away by the gorgeous scenery around.

Sometimes we get so caught up with things, we forgot to stop and take a look around of what we've achieved.
Anyhoo, back to the main point. Headed down to KL during peak hours. Got stuck in the jam with a few crazy girls *harhar*, it deff wasn't a bore for sure.
Luckily we got there and still had a few minutes for a drink before the fashion show started.

Oh hello Wonji, I see you've found your favourite drink hahaha.

Cynthia and Hyun Yee.

What I wore : 1. Top - Turtle neck cropped top by Forever 21. 2. Accesories - Necklace; Diva, Cuffs; H&M, Belt; Chanel, Clutch; YSL. 3. Bottom - Palazzo pants got from Chiang Mai. 4. Shoes - Chunky heels, which you couldnt really see in the picture, got it from my trip to Ho Chi Minh.

Girlies and I ;

Kenzo, …

What I wore yesterday : 

 Managed to pull off prints and studds, but toned down on the jewelry. Loving my necklace and spike shoes which made me search high and low for it!  Hope you guys love this look. Hype it on ;

✈ Melbourne ♡ 2012 [pt. I] ✈

As y'all know, I am not one who rushes up on her blog posts. Well mostly that happens alot, and then I tend to get too lazy to even post them up. Hence, i'm gonna start off with my Melbourne post!

Took the noon flight out and here I come Aussieland! When I got there it was already nightfall, but I was happy with the weather. A deff short change from the hot and humid days back in Malaysia.

surprise, surprise?

You've probably been hearing my name on the radio too heeheee ;D
So yes, I've joined FHM Girl Next Door 2012 and i'm one of the finalist!

Well it hasn't been much task so far, except for the party coming up. So it's not distracting me from college and etc. so I guess all is good.
Thank you guys for the support and friends who urged me to participate. If you know me well enough, i'm one to shy away when it comes to things like this. Hope it all goes well from here on out.
Till then ♡

[ADV] The Stage KL presents Dawn Yang “Party-Rock-Bash” featuring Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers.

Last week the girls from Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers got invited to attend a very special “Party-Rock-Bash” along-side a very popular blogger, all the way from Singapore, Dawn Yang. 
What could be more fun than to party the night away with some good ol' drinks, great company and to do all that in a wonderful venue such as The Stage?

The interior was really lush and luxurious, deco suited the name and ooh I love the lightings! Its dominance in lighting and audio design, as well as total technical production has taken the company (The Stage's curator) through different paths in the industry, allowing it to organize and curate spectacular events in The Stage.
Not forgetting that its quite airy as you can see with the high ceilings, perfect if you wanted to reserve a table on the upper deck for special occasions such as birthday parties or hens night? Hehe. Best part you won't have to squeeze with others if you needed a little bit more privacy or for some cases, a larger space…

Online shopping anyone?

One of my recent favourite online blog shops would be Whitesoot !

Remember my birthday dress I wore to Nobu when I was in Melbourne? *Sorry about the unclear picture, but it was taken with my iPhone in a low light situation*. I acquired this gorgeous piece of clothing from the one and only Whitesoot. & boy was I delighted about the piece. The stitching was fabulous, from the way the skirt was so poofy and the way the bustier was design is just impeccable! Whitesoot do know how to pick them right (: 
 So here's a little bit about Whitesoot :

Its an online shopping website in Malaysia with a special mission, Whitesoot was created to bring “fashion round the clock” to glam up the daily grind of life. Inspired by fashion bloggers, runways and everyday fashionistas on the street, their designs are lovingly hand-picked for not only its style and quality, but also its practicality and affordability. Specializing in corporate wear, party wear and casual wear, Whitesoot is sure to spi…