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#OOTD : Polyvore finds!

Polyvore inspired ;
Top - Baroque prints from BKK. Skirt - Chiffon Maxi, Supre. Heels - Nude pumps, Forever 21 (hidden under skirt) Accessories - Hermes CDC Bag - Balenciaga Rose
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MCA : Dash Berlin 2012 @ Sepang.

Remember this picture? Yeah it was from months back.
Sorry I've been busy ))):

Rave held by Music Conference Asia at Sepang International Circuit featuring Dash Berlin! Oh yes, and thats him above haha. Didn't think he was that big of a size lol.

Got there around 10pm-ish and the place was mad packed. Drunkards everywhere around, I thought it was gonna be havoc in a very bad way but thankfully we got our own cabanas. One thing about attending raves in Malaysia, cabanas are the way to go. Its safe, easy access to the restrooms and lots of space to move around. Dont have to worry about the rowdy crowd, breathing stuffy air and of course, B.O.

Shawn and I ; who just got back from Melbourne at that time.

Yanwei, who I've known since way back whennnn. How time flies! Fankeh on my left.

Teddy bear Mr Abel and I.

Kit Meng and I ; I had to wear two tags that night as I was running in and out! Haha.

Nigel and I ;

Tip : Light make up is a must for raving, you dont want to have pand…

Erin's 18th Birthday ;

So the baby sis turned 18 ; How time flies by so quick. Its hard being the elder sister at times. *tears in muh eyes*
So we girls had a small dinner celebratory session at Tao, Giza. We ordered a wee bit too much so we ended up stuffing ourselves lol. Didnt want the food to go to waste!

I guess you know most of them by now hehe. Love them to bits!

nomings away! Didn't want the food to go to waste ; lol at Cyn's expression!

Bestieboo of 7 years and counting, like I said.. TIME FLIES D:

How nice of us, we even got banners up in the restaurant for the baby's birthday hahahha. *inside joke*
Then we headed on to Beerfac for drinks and party!

Sister and some of her friends, couldnt fit everyone in though.

More banners for her lol.

Santa's little helpers ; darlings who helped me organize and run errands throughout the whole day! Major love as I almost died of exhaustion running around.
We were entertained by the delightful sounds by DJ Jhao throughout the night ; good music …

Miss World Malaysia 2012 [Teaser Post]

Well this journey has come to an end.
I'm blessed and grateful for earning the title for Miss Photogenic as I wasn't expecting to win anything (haha!), *there's a story behind that*, I'll save it for the next post.
Just want to thank everyone who was being supportive throughout this journey, my sister especially cause she was the one who urged me to sign the form anyways haha, the boyfriend who sent me to trainings and giving me pep talks, parents for their undying support and teases lol, and of course my dear friends!

You guys are great!
Till the next time, loads of loveeeeee.

✈ Melbourne 2012 ♡ [pt. III] ✈

My Melbourne posts will be never ending! Haha. What to do, I spent a month there when I was initially suppose to be there for only 3 weeks but I ended up extending for a month lol.
Since I got no idea how many posts to go till I finish Melbourne, lets just skip the days and more on to the activities I've done while I was there as I cant be uploading all of the 800+ pics I took! 

Miss World Malaysia 2012

Thanks everyone for the tremendous support! I am lucky to have met girls who are a part of this pageant as well, its nice to meet people who has thought me a lot throughout this journey, although it hasn't ended, words can't express how bless I am to come across this opportunity to be a part of this organization.
It means a lot to me, especially when I get to help as much as I can for the charities that we're involve with, though I never expected that I'll be apart of this wonderful journey, your kind words and encouragements gives me the strength and support (:
& thank you Miss World for this meaningful opportunity! I can't wait to do more for this organization. 

Till then, I wish you guys a cheery day ahead!