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Happy 6th Monthsary @ Marini's on the 57th

First and foremost, HAPPY MONTHSARY TO US! Though we're miles apart, I miss you everyday (: and i'll keep all the sweet mushy things for our eyes only heh heh.
Love you Vampkuns.
So anyways, when he was in KL. We celebrated our 6th Monthsary at the newly opened Marini's on 57th's Restaurant. That time, there wasn't any food reviews and all that but we wanted to check the place out cause of the gorgeous view.

Yeap, it is gorgeous alright. Never been so close to the famous pride and glory of Malaysia, the Petronas Twin Towers.
And the overall view; you can basically see the whole of KL from up there. Everything was glistering below us, what a way to set the mood.
For the special occasion, I decided to put on some blue contacts to go with my outfit and prolly add on to that dreamy, madly in love effect hahahaha I kidd*

So for starters we had the Beef Carpaccio, my current cravingg thanks to him. My love for raw thinly sliced beef and baby rockets.

And we had the Seaf…

Birthday 2012 ; KL Bound!

So here it is now for my birthday celebration back in KL. To be honest, didn't want to do anything big because its past my birthday and I was still suffering from alcohol poisoning >< But I was grateful enough that my friends took me for dinner the next day after I arrived back in Malaysia.
We went to Mezze9 at Hartamas for dinner, while the rest of them were enjoying the wine buffet all I can drink was a Kiwi Mocktail haha.

Quick catch up with the bunch ; Joh and Eekie.

My face was really really bloated, god knows why. Oh wells, lost them chubbs cheeks now! heh.
Myself, Joh, Erin and Benson.

Then had dinner with the girlfriends at Il Lido some day after. Glad to see them after a month a way from home, missing them too much!

Shocked to come home seeing Wonji's hair bleached blonde with dipdyed blue tips. Anyways lets get on to more pictures.
'le girlfriend Seewai, who mostly stole the spotlight that night haha with her grand entrance!
Oh hello to you too Miss Low.