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[ADV] Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest at Brussels, Jaya One 2012.

Hello there! Has anyone been Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest events yet? If you've been to one or maybe even a few, please share with me your experiences! I would love to know all about them (:
So according to my post, here and here, I am pretty sure most of you know what is Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest all about by now. If you don't here's a slight FYI for you newbies out there! 

PEOPLE ! Feast your eyes on girls in costumes doing a traditional famous dance called the chicken dance! 
On the surface it might seem like a normal beer festival with lots of girls, beer, food and so on. Well you're absolutely right. But, it's whats under the surface. You see, this festival especially brought to you by the people of Carlsberg Malaysia, has a lot of content to it. It is filled with a rich culture and background, and its more about bringing people together through fun music and dancing, good food and drinks and of course everything else in between as you proceed througho…

[ADV] Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest at Berjaya Times Square '12.

Its another round of Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest presented by Carlsberg Malaysia! This time I attended the one held at Berjaya Times Square's ballroom, yep you heard me right, a hotels ballroom! This is the magnitude of this awesomepossum festival!

With my beerfest hat and beer stein mug I am ready to go! Couldn't wait to see what the nights festivities hold.

Me and Daphne.
Now, once again, what is Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest?
Well to me, its a fun loving night filled with activties, beer, great food and great company. Expect a night filled with laughter, dancing, singing, eating and mingling around. With those who has the passion for some good beer over food, or with the pretty lasses who are dressed in dirndls (traditional German dress). 

As I mentioned earlier in my blog post about the Oktoberfest Launch at Hakka Restaurant, “Malaysia’s Own Oktoberfest 2012” is proudly presented by Carlsberg Malaysia with the aims of enabling consumers to experience first-hand, authe…

[ADV] Launch of Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest @ Hakka Restaurant '12.

What is Malaysia’s Own Oktoberfest you ask?

Yes, I know some of you might still be wondering. What is this festival that is so widely celebrated? Why do I see pictures everyday of beer, food and girls? How do I get involved?
Well, its Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest!  First and foremost, it is presented to you by the one and only Carlsberg.  and these lovely maidens (below), are decked in dirndls. Which is the traditional German dress, well if you plan on attending your very own Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest event, it wouldn't hurt to know a wee bit more! Trust me, it'll add on to the fun factor (:

Every year, Carlsberg presents, their very own version which is called "Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest" just to enable consumers experience first-handedly, authentic German beer drinking festival locally. How cool is that? Since we can't go to the party, well not all of us can afford that right, so the people at Carlsberg is bringing that to us!

 Malaysia's Own Okt…