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Anniversary [pt. I] 2012 ❤

Finally a year has passed, time flies so quickly.
It's been a year now, and if you don't know we've been doing LDR for thaaaaat long.
It wasn't easy, the times that I had to watch him leave, my heart just longs for him to stay. Then there are the times that I've been traveling to Melbourne and then leaving, sighs.

Thankfully with the help of Skype and phone calls we managed to pull through.
Boy oh boy how much we both invested and sacrificed for this relationship, I guess it is because of this we learn how to treasure all the good times we share.

Anyways, for our first year anniversary 'le boyfriend brought me to an exquisite restaurant in the heart of Kuala Lumpur called Cilantro at Micasa. We got lost along the way and we were almost an hour late!

This restaurant is always full and it's so hard to get a table, according to the boyfriend.

Hello there!

So we were seated at a very cosy corner, just the two of us.
So we opted for the set dinner which consi…

#OOTD : walking on the street with peonies ♥

Hello there! It's another outfit of the day post, mind the title. It's gonna be like my posts. Titles are just a random thing that pops up when I write this hehe.
Anyways, the boyfriend is finally back from Melbourne! We were going on a loveydovey date and I was thinking about what to wear (p/s : I love playing dress up knowing that we're going for a movie and lovely lunch hehe).
Thankfully I just received my dress from Doublewoot just in time for todays date!

Ahh finally I have something new to wear!
But what to pair it with?

I know some of you might think that dresses like these only suits functions, the office and so on. But if you think that way you are so so wrong! With the impeccable cutting and exquisite material Doublewoot chooses for their clothing's, its nothing but comfort and style all the way. These type of dresses could be worn for a day out, for tea with your girlfriends, lovely dates with your boyfriend or even shopping.

It just takes …

#OOTD : Of colors and prints ♥

So it was a re-union dinner with the bunch last night.
Everyone is back from Melbourne!

Gosh how time flies so quickly.
Just weeks ago I was there, then left to HongKong/Macau and now I am back in Kuala Lumpur.
Tiring as it can be but definitely fun.

So this is my outfit of the day (well, more like night haha).

I wanted to be a bit girly but still having an edgy look.

Printed dress from Bangsar, YSL Belle Du Jour clutch, accesories from ASOS and Baby-G watch.

All smiles for the camera!

Here's an upclose shot of my armcandy (;

Black and gold metallic skulls bracelet from ASOS. Baby-G, BGA-153-1B analog and digital watch as seen on Yuri from Girl's Generation!
Well a bit about my 'cool' watch, the bezel of this design features metal parts and accents that emphasizes the look of Baby-G toughness but keeping a feminine appeal, hence it's so easy to match with my dress! It is hard to find a watch with this type of element to suit dresses but the ranges of watches, from …

[ADV] Hugo Boss // sleek, stylish, classy.

Well, well, this would be my first perfume review! What can be a better time then to review these products when Christmas is nearing. I know tons of you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift, why not a bottle of perfume? Nothing is more special then giving that special someone a wonderful scent in a bottle!

Christmas to me is a wonderful time where friends and family gather around the Christmas tree exchanging gifts. Though I know not everyone holds that tradition, heck my own family don't really celebrate Christmas, but i'm sure people still exchange gifts (:

I know that Christmas shopping can be really enjoyable but also rather stressful at the same time. What to get for who? What if he or she doesn’t like it? *scratches head* It could be a really tough time deciding what's the perfect scent for someone.
Well to help you narrow down the field a lil', surveys have shown that many think fragrances are the most thoughtful gift. But how do you pick ‘The One’ out of the…

ICE Watch Store Opening at Sunway Pyramid.

Some of you may know about ICE Watch, well for those who doesn't, it all started in Belgium. It is quite a sought after brand, with their trendy, affordable watches that have been worn by many celebrities and appeared on plenty magazines especially this year!
It has been around for about 6 years now and finally a store is finally launched in Malaysia, right in Sunway Pyramid.

I was lucky to be invited to the store opening and there was a massive turn out, from local celebrities to ICE watch fans and lovers.

Yours truly at ICE Watch store opening.

The flagship store in Malaysia is the first Ice-Watch store in the world with the Ice-Match App which is a next-generation technology in consumer shopping experience that uses a touch screen TV and camera to capture a photo of the shopper then suggest several matches or options of Ice-Watch models and colours that are best suited to the shopper’s gender, skin tone and clothing. Talk about high tech!

There was a whole lot of people inside the s…

✈ Melbourne ♡ 2012 [STEREOSONIC] ✈

Hello there!
As y'all know, if you have me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that I recently attended a rave at Australia.
Yeap, I am talking about Stereosonic!

I was super stoked when I woke up on that specific day! I wasn't all excited the days before, prolly cause Melbourne made me happy enough I didn't give much thought to Stereo, but the night before, I barely had any shut eye haha!