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Hello there!  Today I am happy to announce that my sister also known as Baby Erin Lim will be co-authoring this blog (:   She'll be filling it up with posts that will interest you from her trips from Bali to Starcruise and also, DIY nail art! She's so much better than me and her designs are uber cute.
Don't believe me? Check out some of her designs.

So stay tune! 

#DIY : Glitter nails ♡

Here's a quick DIY trick tip. In a rush and want your nails to grow longer? This is what I do most of the time. When my nails get kinda long, it gets super fragile and breaks easily.  To keep the length I would paint them over with glitter and such. Not only it last for at least 2 weeks, but my nails won't break hence, being able to keep my nails super long hehe.
Step 1#

You need a GOOD base coat. Here I am using Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Strengthener. Not only it nourishes your nails, it makes them hardier as well. Perfect if you're gonna leave the color/design on for a while.

Step 2#

 Time to slop on the glitter polish! Chose the color of your choice, mine was purple and blue glitter from Etude House, I love the dual colors and well, it's pretty girly suiting the theme of the design anyways. I wish I did a video as I am scratching my head right now figuring out how on earth am I going to explain this. Well, I am going to give it a shot.
First coat of the glitter wou…

Polyvore Sundays 2#

Alexander McQueen

Humming Bird Print Dress \\  I love classy printed dresses, not only does it flatters the body, it gives it a simple cut dress an extra oomph. But of course, too much prints and colors could go wrong, some prints just doesn't work well.  - Knuckled Embroided Satin Box Clutch \\ The infamous McQ clutches, of course every McQ clutch is to die for but I chose this one cause the details goes really well with the dress. The humming birds especially hehe. - Necklace from YSL and shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti -- I just thought that the Armadilos will be a bit too much to go with this outfit as there's a lot going on already.

✈ Macau & Hong Kong ♡ 2012 (pt. II) ✈

Every day in Macau was like a full on relaxation mode for the whole family. Nothing to rush for, breakfast is dimsum until 2pm, anything you need is a walking distance and there's something for everyone. Be it shopping, chilling, movies, of course, even gambling.

So me and the sister decided to explore the Venetian that day. Knowing how big it was since we got lost inside that day, we allocated 4 hours to cover the whole shopping area.

FHM Girls Next Door ♡ 2013

So it was finally the finale for FHM GND 2013. The weeks practicing the dance moves, mastering the catwalk and all the other things in between, it all finally came down to this.
Was up and ready by 9am that morning and headed over to Zouk Club for the final rehearsals and last minute tweaks and all that. It was dreadful thinking about the whole day I am going to spend there D: but thankfully practices weren't as tiring as Miss World Malaysia. I guess cause FHM is more laid back and chilling. They had more staffs at hand and less girls to stress about too haha.
Nightfall, and the place was filling up quick. While we girls were rushing and panicking backstage, guests were all filling up the space. 
Hence, all pictures below are taken by my awesome sister and my dear friends (: The arrived on time *suprisingly* and were all carrying these in support of yours truly hehe.

A big thank you to the sister who made them (: She's been a great pillar of strength and support for me throug…

Polyvore Sundays 1#

Hi everyone! Decided to start a Polyvore thing on my blog.
Every Sunday I'll post a picture created on my Polyvore that will be uploaded on this blog.  Just some inspirations by mixing and matching things I like from brands I adore, could be the latest 'in' bag or thing or even some casual ones I already have in my closet! Haha. 


-  Paisley Printed Silk And Crepe Dress\\ I adore paisley printed items!  -  Givenchy Embellished suede sandals\\ This is a must have in every girls closet! Sandals like these would go along with anything, from jeans to dress, you can dress it up or dress it down.  -  Givenchy Medium bicolored Antigona\\ The 'In' bag right now, you can find Antigona in every fashionista's closet for sure. I prefer the one with the black base and red handles but I could only find this color on Polyvore so it'll have to do. -  GIVENCHY Black And Gold Obsedia 3-Rows Bracelet\\ I've always loved this bracelet! Plus, not many are wearing it as the mark…

brightlightts on a starless nightt ♡

more pictures, less words.
parr-parrr-partyyy time! xo.

.. to be continued!