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Solmer Swims ❤

What a wonderful early birthday gift!
Not only it's wrapped so beautifully but I love it when parcels come in gorgeous packaging. The ribbon, the card. Just unwrapping it makes me tingle inside awaiting my new addition of swim wear.

Pink Floyd ♡

More about my look below*
 Anyways we tried out this new place called Tujo few days back, it use to be 7ate9.  Located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Precisely at The Ascott Residence. 
Love how the place is more colorful and comfortably decorated now. More cafe like-ish, so airy and spacious!

So we were having our super late brunch at 5pm after hours of driving around KL finding a venue for my birthday. I needed a glass of beer so badly, I prefer ciders to beer though and I think most girls too haha.

Us just chilling, felt so happy to be sitting indoors but with the sun gleaming in through the glass panels. Feels like I am having a meal outdoor.

Simple armcandy for the day. Was to lazy to pile tons of things up as I knew I was going to busy running around town.
Anyways we didn't have time for the whole appetiser, main course and dessert thing. So here it is our main courses.

I had the Tom Yum Seafood Fettuccine. The Tom Yum flavor was mild, just the way I like it as it's not t…

Otto Knows & Shermanology at Zouk Malaysia.

Party post! A break from lengthy wordy posts.
So we headed for Zouk for Otto Knows, the guy with the hit single Million Voices. Yes, he only has ONE song with a million hits *no pun intended*.

Baby and I, mind my awkward face. I wasn't ready!

Shermaine and Howie.

Me, Manda & Shermaine.

Howie and Mark.
Didn't take pics of Otto Spinning. It was so bloody crowded I had to stand on the sofa.  He was okay, not bad, not good. But everyone was drunk and having fun lol.
Then Shermanology was up! They really got the crowd pumping as Shermanology is made up of 3 individuals. One DJs and the other two sings.

They were really putting on a show!

Puiyee and Alvin.

Baby and I ♡

Puiyee and I.

The crowd was loving Shermanology. They played all the right music. And of course their infamous hit, 'You Can't Stop Me Now'. Of course we sang to it!

And that's also when we all started having our own fun. The usual crazy poses started, flashes went off and so on. BOYS!

Alvin just …

Passion For Fashion 2013

Attended Passion for Fashion a couple weeks back. Held annualy Passion for Fashion specializes in bringing all professionals from the fashion and film industry together for a glamorous night of networking and fun! It was a spectacular night, with KL's finest. The place was decked out in Belvedere themed decorations and all things glittery and glamourous.

First launching in 2009 it has become one of the most sought after fashion events with international appeal. The attendance of top international models, directors, actors, photographers, hosts, celebrities, agencies, producers and editors to name a few are aspects that make it one of the single most powerful networking events in the world.
This year, it is held at the newest club in town, Butterfactory!

Bumped into Leng Yein outside, hence a photo taking moment with her and Howie, Meisan and Jess.

Lovely ladies bringing bottles of Belvedere all around.
We were entertained by a great line up of DJ's such as, DJ DARLING (MALAYISA), …

In loving memory ♡

I don't know how to start this.
I don't think I will ever understand deaths, I don't like people leaving. I will always be in denial and pretend that they never left, that I've not seen them in a long time. I have to calm down and find solace in writing as I've not slept since I heard. The tears will not stop rolling down my cheeks, everytime a moment spent with her crosses my mind. 
All those moments since I was a kid.

I will miss you so much popo. It would be so different not seeing you around anymore.  Every Chinese New Year would feel so different now, like something or someones missing. Every time I go to aunty's house, it just wouldn't feel right.
I hope you lead a happy life popo, I hope you went peacefully but I wished you never left. 
Will always love you ♡ Rest in peace.


I will be on a hiatus. Sorry my dear readers, but I can't be writing anything happy for the time now.

Olympus PEN Lite E-PL5 ♡ ART FILTERS


✈ Phuket ♡ 2013 (pt. III) ✈

Continuation of my post where I left off here.
We were pretty tired after a whole day of island hopping, even more so with our skin fairly tanned, we were feeling the fatigue. So as our hotel was on Patong Beach we didn't have to crack our head thinking about what we should have for dinner, instead we just took a stroll and looked at the choices around the area.
Oh by the way, we went for a wonderful massage before dinner. Cause you can't get a massage at least an hour plus after consuming something. Didn't want to take any pictures of the massage parlour as there were guests all over, didn't want to be rude but we went to a fairly decent looking one, just at the corner of our hotel. Traditional Thai massage should cost you about 200baht-300baht the most. If you're paying more than that, probably you went to a really good looking/furnished parlour. 
After that, we just settled at Savoey Restaurant. This restaurant has came a long way since 1980's and they serv…

#OOTD : Dream a little dream ♡

Look what came in! A little surprise from Casey, Dreamscape ♡
"Dreamscape – a place where dreaming is one’s sweetest escape. In the real world however, shopping is a woman’s therapeutic escape which is in line with Dreamscape’s tagline of “we design dreams to fulfill your destiny”. Dreamscape was established on 3rd march 2011 with the former name Chasseur de Reve (dream chaser)."

I am such a happy girl when I see new clothes, hehe. That means dressing up and pairing things together!
Here's the look I put together with the jumper from Dreamscape.

Top : Dreamscape Bag : H&M Accessories : Diva and F21 Watch : Baby-G

Check out Dreamscape's collection : Instagram: @dreamscapemy/@ckhei25

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Till then! x