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#OOTD : summertime x black

Top : Miss Selfridge - Basic Long Sleeve Top Bottom : Goss;ps Bangsar - Highwaisted Acid Washed Denim Shoes : Lush Serendipity - Spiked Booties Bag : Gucci Necklace : Zara Hat : H&M - Bowlers Cap


Miss Malaysia World 2013 - Hiatus!

Hi there peeps, by now I guess most of you know that I took part in this years Miss Malaysia World. Hence, I will be away for about a week. There's still posts coming up in this week but I won't be able to update y'all unless you're following me on Twitter or Facebook.

I am pretty nervous and I just packed everything last night so I hope I got everything as I won't be able to go home. It's like bootcamp/crash course week with the other contestants. I am also down with a really bad sore throat so I hope I get to pull through this week.

Win or lose, I just love the knowledge and friends I've gained and made. Thanks for all your constant support and love!
Till then, xx.

✈ Melbourne 2012 pt. (VII) ✈

I just love filling up my blog with long overdued Melbourne posts. I really do miss this place.
Just another sunny day walking around the CBD window shopping, snacking, just taking everything in.

Probably my favorite street musician. He's really talented. I sold off my phone so I dont have the video I recorded of him already /:

The Retreat Clinic ♥

Dropped by The Retreat Clinic one fine day for a facial consultation. My skin has always been just, normal, if you get what I mean, tired, dull and just boring.
The Retreat Clinic is a medical aesthetic clinic specializing in Botox, Liquid, FaceSculpting, Laser Facelift, Laser Rejuvenation and Medical Spa services, meaning facials! 

After my consultation with Dr. Ong, I was told that I had very dull and my skin was very 'dead'. It wasn't glowing like it should be. So I decided to give the Sublative Laser treatment a try. As acne scars (I have some, on my nose and lower sides of my cheekbones) can be a real bother at times! Plus this treatment will successfully achieve dermal remodeling within a few sessions to smooth out all pits and scars.

Shawn Cutler ♡

Made a visit to Shawn Cutler Bangsar a few days back after I did a hair show at Sunway Resort. My hair was so badly damaged, I'll show you in a bit.
I was told to get my hair done at their newly opened branch in Telawi Square located opposite Bangsar Village II.

Loving the comfy and chiq interior. Very cosy! I was seated and my stylist went straight to inspecting my damaged hair.

#OOTD : Where's The Party?

What I wore for 'Where's the Party?'


Trying the blogger application on my phone. So here comes something new, well I did an earlier one but that's from my computer. This is reaaaaaal short recaps! Haha.

1. Miss World 2013, remember to Like my picture on the Miss World page. // dress from Cocktail Evening. 

2. Make up session courtesy of MAC make up (that's when I feel in love with this fuchsia/neon pink lipstick)

3. #whatmyboyfriendwore when we were leaving KL to Singapore!


5. Some Ladurée goodness! Been a while since I had good macarons but these are the epitome of one of the finest. A box of six cost us about RM100

6. Stuffs from SSUR, HBA, Misfit x SSUR, April 77 jeans and oh my macarons :p

7. My #OOTN

8. Su and I at Dom Lounge, Friday night clubbing.

9. Funds at Bugis! So many steals muahahaha.

10. StyleNanda inspired look.

11. Clubbing at Fenix Room, Singapore. Magnum Belvedere and bottles of Dom. 

12. Our very messy steamboat session at Hai Di Lao. Haha.

13. Candy coloured us heading to …

Miss World 2013

I guess by now most of you know I've joined Miss World 2013.

It would really be great if you could like this pic HERE.
Ask your friends, your cousins, your sisters, everyone too! Easiest way share the pic and then ask them to like (:
This pic :
It'll mean a great deal to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, x.

Carlsberg 4th installment of Where's The Party? 2013

So last Saturday on the 6th of July 2013 was Carlsberg 4th installment of Where's The Party? Hmm wondering where would this one be held at.
This is actually my third time attending Carlsberg’s Where’s the Party? and I never get bored of it as the theme keeps changing and Carlsberg continually surprises me with each party! This time round the venue was in the Klang Valley but the secret was really well kept as guests including myself were kept in the dark until the meet-up point was revealed just a couple of days before the event. Anyway here’s what happened at WTP? 2013.

We met up at the meeting point which was MAEPS at Serdang.

The amount of people already there queuing up to get in was crazy! The hype for 'Where's the Party?' has tremendously increased since the last one.

This is actually my third time attending Carlsberg’s Where’s the Party? and I never get bored of it as the theme keeps changing and Carlsberg continually surprises me with each party! This time round the v…