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Hi darlings! Today I'll be reviewing the latest Shu Uemura's collection which is called the Sweet Red Collection.
Red, the eternal shade of passion and sensuality shines anew in a spectrum of sweetness.  Notice the rainbow of red that brightens everyday life - beautiful roses, sugary delicacies, savory salmon, ripe fruit ; this magical color that adorns the world with fun, playful, oh so sweet shades!
Now, Shu Uemura delights the senses by reinterpreting the sweeter side of red in range of fresh new shades.

These gorgeous colors will create a new definition of red for every woman with boundless pure color, transparency, and supreme moisture care as part of Shu Uemura’s revolutionary reformulated rouge unlimited line. Isn't that great?
Well, discover the sweetest shade of you with an infinitely fresh spectrum of adorable reds that accessorize every skin tone and make you sparkle! Find your own red!

Shu Uemura’s rouge unlimited formula offers an endless world of red lip color with…

Wicked Festival 2013 // Axwell & Zedd [GIVEAWAY!]

read on to know more*

There had been rumors in the wind and shadows shifting in the dark. Tales of creatures of the night and music coming alive. Two legendary superheroes leading a horde of insane titans, set on a path to blow your minds to bits. Heed the words of caution as this is not for the faint-hearted. Rumors, they are certainly not. 
The Wicked Festival 2013 is here! With a huge line-up it's certainly something that thou shall not miss!

Axwell, the King from Swedish House Mafia pilots the crew. Who else but him can lead such a Wicked Festival? Who else is going to save the world tonight?  For the very first time in East Asia, Zedd will hit our stage and shed us some clarity. The magnitude of talents will melt your brains as No_ID from Amsterdam takes the stage along with DJ Nikki, BATE, Hightech, Ramsey Westwood and Captain Ed. The punches will come, blow after blow, one after another, all in a single night. Again, this is not for the faint-h…

Tiësto ♡ 2013

Once in a while you'll get posts from me that's more close to the date of when such events has taken place. Hahaha. For some reason I'm in the mood to blog about this before I take months to post all of these up.
Tiësto's rave last Saturday organised by Future Sounds Asia. 

Supporting Goldfish & Blinks track Here We Go Again! Get your tees from Nimmue / Pestle and Mortar at SS15 today.

The boys on stage doing their thing.
Cray cray fireworks display! Check it out HERE and HERE. It lasted 5mins or so. Probably the longest fireworks display I've seen for a rave in Malaysia.
It wasn't crazy packed when we got there so we managed to walk around.

Erin, Howie, CM and Darryl

Me and the girls :)

Howie, Jack and Pik.

Jack & Howie.

Darryl Manda Me and Jack.

Erin & I.

Manda and I.
It was starting to fill up as crowds started entering. We actually thought the place we were standing at was also under the VIP section, didn't know it was the 'drinking are…