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#OOTD : Serpenti x Spikes

A simple #OOTD for a casual dinner date.

Earrings from H&M Top from H&M Blazer from Zara Shorts from H&M Shoes from Tony Bianco Bracelet from Balenciaga Bag from Bvlgari


Schwarzkopf Professional BC Fibre Force ♡ extra TLC for your hair!

I get asked a lot about my hair, probably cause it's quite long and shiny. But many do not know the time, effort and money invested to maintain this mane of mine. It is definitely not an easy task! Plus I use to dye my hair every 2 months ; like I'll go for a crazy colour then tone it down and then switch it up again. 
After a period of time I just got really lazy of changing colours every couple of months that I just settled with this dark burgundy colour. Nevetheless my hair has been through tons of damage from all the colouring, straightening, curling and so on. 
When I heard about the Schwarzkopf Professional BC Fibre Force I was stoked!  I couldn't wait to give these products a try as I would really really do anything to keep my hair healthy. & lately it's been pretty bad as the last colour I did was totally damaging. 

So I got to Monsoon ID at One Utama for the launch, and was seated comfortably at my booth. My assigned stylist was going through my hair and …

What makes you feel and look good? Nivea Men.

Was having this random thought a few days back and decided to share it with all you readers, especially you male readers of mine. 
We ladies spend most of our time looking our best whether we're out having drinks with our girlfriends, date nights, attending events or just about anything! It's always important to us to make a good first impression of ourselves to people we'll be meeting or even strangers at times, cause who knows, they could be your next BF or a potential client. 

But I've been wondering, how does this fair towards the opposite sex. I mean, most guys I know wouldn't give second thoughts about how they look at times but then there's those bunch of guys I know which will spend hours in front of a mirror (sometimes longer than the amount of time I take!) making sure every strand of hair is styled into place, no unwanted stubs hanging round their face and so on but that is a bit too much lar.

Leica C Launch with Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers ♡

Was over at the Leica store at Starhill Gallery for a very special occasion as I was among the first few to review the new Leica model called the Leica C!
In the world of photography, Leica cameras are associated with quality, precision, and luxury. Every camera and lens Leica makes is dedicated to capturing the best shot.

It was a very intimate event with a few bloggers, celebrity Elaine Daly and the Leica crew.
We were served some light refreshments and had a little introduction about Leica the brand and also the new model.

After the introduction I then got to hair and make-up, getting all prepped up for a mini photo shoot session! I was pretty stoked as Elaine Daly would be giving some nifty tips and tricks about posing and modeling infront of the camera.

Karen and I getting our makeup done ; you can see Andy in the background taking snapshots of us with the new Leica C, look at the size of it! It's so compact for a camera filled with loads of functions, and it is one o…

WeChat x Secret Recipe ♡ Sweet Sixteen Anniversary !

Secret Recipe Malaysia is celebrating it's Sweet Sixteen!  Yes, you heard that right. Secret Recipe is celebrating it's 16th Anniversary and they've partnered with WeChat to bring you loads of awesome treats.

WeChat is the world leading innovative mobile social communication applications, has announced their latest addition of Official Account of Secret Recipe Malaysia.
Calling everyone who has a sweet tooth! Head on over to your nearest Secret Recipe outlet pronto and get yourselves some irresistible sweet deals.

WeChat x Secret Recipe is offering a 'Buy 1 Free 1' deal ! How awesome is that?

Quick! Follow Secret Recipe on WeChat to receive these good bargains. Bring all your friends and share these wholesome goodies like I did! Haha.

Casey, me and Magdeline.

Emma and I.

The whole lot of us enjoying our sweet treats!
Not only that, you get to enjoy RM16 deals such as :

Different set meals by the dates given! Be sure not to miss out any as I think they're really worth it.


#DIY : Flower hair clips ♡

A simple project I did spontaneously during one of those sleepless nights. my hobbies as a night wanderer.
What you will need :

1. Artificial flowers (these are my left overs from HERE). 2. Pliers  3. Hot glue gun 4. Metal hair clips

First Step :

- Glue the petals/leaf to the flower so it won't fall off after a while of wear and tear. This is just a precautionary step to prevent your flowers to fall off while wearing it.

Second Step :

- Trim all stems off as you don't want anything to be poking into your scalp or sticking out like a sore thumb.

Third Step :

- Apply glue on the metal clip and press flower onto the metal clip.  *Tip : Estimate the clip and the size of your flower before glueing them together to have an idea of how you want it to be/end up. 

 Fourth Step :

- Leave it to dry and set regardless whether you're using a hot glue gun or mighty glue. IT STILL NEEDS TO SET.

End product :

- Voila! You have a flower hair clip. It only costed me about RM5 for one, so about RM1…