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Beast x Providence ♡ #GNO !

Had a simple farewell dinner for Erin at Beast a couple of weeks back with the BFFs. Our first time eating at Beast, The Intermark KL.
Loved the cosy wooden decor ; the simplicity of wood and metal going along great with each other. I think as we grow older we take time to appreciate everything and pay attention to details that we don't usually do when we're younger. 

Joyee, Wendy, Seewai, myself and Erin.

It was a pleasant dinner as we got a corner, or more like the area to ourself where we could laugh and chat away. Not forgetting acting all silly like we always do since highschool.

Had steak while the girls enjoyed their burgers.

The food was just okay and it was quite pricey. A nice place to chill and have a simple meal but nothing much to expect off though. Maybe I didn't order the right dishes, but still it was just mediocre. 
& of course, pictures with the infamous sign lol.

Not too often you'll see me in a bareback dress. Finally got to wear my Tony Bianco…

Shawn Cutler ♡ trimmed and colored!

Visited Shawn Cutler's outlet at Bukit Damansara for my yearly haircut.  It wasn't that tough finding the saloon and parking was a breeze!

One Republic Native Tour Live in Kuala Lumpur ♡ 2013

We were pretty stoked for this! As the day of the concert approached I was anxious and excited, words cannot explain, omg I'll finally get to see Ryan Tedder live in his pure raw awesomeness.
We entered the event space quite early as we didn't want to miss out on a good spot to hang, the closer the better haha. Plus we didn't know how the layout would be so better to be safe than sorry!

VLOG 3# - Hair Care ♡

I'm addicted to VLOG-ing! I feel like I am more engaged and interactive with you guys than just words and still pictures haha. But I am always open for comments , so if you prefer the usual blogging style just drop me a comment and let me know :)

Here's my third video about my hair care regime, a short simple one as I was rushing out haha. Sorry for all the stumbling and 'lost for words moment'.

Hardwell Live in Fort Canning Park, Singapore ✈ Ummet Ozcan Live in Zouk KL ♡ 2013

We did a super quick trip to Singapore just to catch Hardwell live, one night trip overseas is a bit much eventhough it's our neighboring country. We were so knackered when we got back but we continued on the same night after for Ummet Ozcan.

Heli Lounge at Menara KH, Kuala Lumpur ♡

Had a wonderful simple night out with close friends of baby at Heli Lounge not too long ago.  I've been hearing of this place for ages but haven't gotten the chance to check it out as we will always get caught up with things, it's been a busy few months for us!

The bunch of us, minus me who's taking the picture. The view was gorgeous but the place was below standard for sure. I mean, to be all dressed up and sitting on ladder chairs or camping chairs is just ridiculous. I think the dresscode should be toned down, and people should be allowed to dress casually as seriously look at our small table, it isn't cheap either for that two bottles of Glenfiddich.

Valentines dinner ♡ Azur at Shangri-La, Putrajaya.

Was invited to try out the special menu for Valentine Day by Azur at Shangri-La, Putrajaya recently.  It was my second time at Shangri-La, Putrajaya. 

Despite the distance from the city, I enjoyed the ride there as it was a smooth journey (highway all the way) and you get to avoid the hustle & bustle of the city for a bit. Shangri-La Putrajaya is like a haven as it's surrounded by lush greeneries and scenic views. I couldn't wait to see the settings of the restaurant! I could only imagine a very intimate night with the boyfriend :)

Azur was almost exactly like what I pictured with its high ceiling, soothing colours and magnificent view of the gardens. It is really good to have a change in scenery for like a long time coming. We didn't feel like we have people prying on us 24/7 as all tables were spaced out perfectly and you definitely cannot eavesdrop on your neighbors conversation, so hooray to intimate quite dinner time!

Before I start off with the food review, me a…