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Gold Skies ♡

Another round of party pictures! I've got a feeling that I might've posted some before, I might not.  Anyways enjoy. Very little caption, loads of pictures ♡

Alvin, Puiyee, myself, Howie and Mel.

with Sander Van Doorn.

Vodka face hahaha. Look how red my eyes were!


Aida, Brenda and myself.

Fedde Le Grand and myself.

Lydia, Manda and myself.

Partner in crime and I.

Sze Liang, Howie and I.

being choked by CM, Davern and Jeehoe next to him.

half of Puiyee, Alvin, Howie and I. Probably the night with tons of funny pictures of my emotions lol.

May, CM and I.

Howie and Deorro.

Panda guy and I!

Lydia, Manda and I, again.

Lydia, Manda and Matt.


✈ Phuket ♡ 2013 [EOTY pt. III] ✈

Continuation from HERE.
We went on an island hopping day trip as we had a free day in Phuket. This time we took the Coral Island package. We wanted a quieter beach, a better snorkelling experience and just a chilled day on an island.
Left early in the morning and realized the skies were a tad bit gloomy. We got kinda worried about the weather but decided to just enjoy it as it goes.


We at are deeply saddened by the news in regards of MH17. Our thoughts and prayers are with the passengers and crew onboard Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 and their families. 

Malaysia has deff not been having a good year, it's time for us to realise that we should be ever more united and strong for one another especially at times like these.
May their souls rest in peace. Out of respect will be on a short hiatus till further notice.


GUESS Denim ♡ female/GUESS Blogger Awards

Hey guys! It's been a crazy month for me. Was rushing work and blog posts to keep you guys entertained with my travel posts while I was away in Melbourne for the past three weeks. 
First and foremost I would like to thank you all for voting for me as I am one of your Top 4 Finalist for the Female Magazine GUESS Blogger Awards! Really happy to be given the chance to share more outfit of the day looks with all of you.
So I just got back a couple of days ago and I rushed to the nearest GUESS store to pick my top three faves! I was spoilt with choices as GUESS has such a wide array of denim available; from shorts to form fitting jeans to stylish tops. Spent a couple of hours carefully selecting items for three different looks.
Yesterday was spent putting these looks together. Thanks to dear friends who spent the whole day helping me out and also to the awesome photographer Ian for the beautiful shots.

Look 1# : Music Festival

I love music festivals! You get to dress up, wear crazy accessor…

Egyptian Magic Cream ♡

Beauty trade secret. I'm sure this name has been going around for a bit. The infamous Egyptian Magic cream, which seems to bring lots of wonders to ones skin!
Well, it is afterall an all purpose skin cream isn't it? :)

I've seen this cream appear on magazines and websites countless number of times but I haven't got to try it on myself, up until now.

✈ Phuket ♡ 2013 [EOTY pt. II] ✈

We had our breakfast served to us at our villa early in the morning. Wasn't the best breakfast ever but the selection and service was great!

✈ Dubai ♡ pt. II ✈

So for the second day in Dubai we went on the Big Bus tour as we can squeeze all the sight seeing in one day and we can hop on and off anytime. Plus the stop was right opposite where we were staying.
Got up early in the morning, we can't sleep any longer anyways. Our body is still following the timing back home. Our parents must've been happy hahaa.

anything can happen ♡

I woke up with this gorgeous view of Melbourne. Beautiful bright skies, lovely sunlight, skyscrapers reaching for the clouds and Crown, somewhere with so much memories.
After two weeks of being here, it finally got to me. Things I've been doing wrong. I took certain things too lightly, which I should've acted upon and not brush it off. I was holding back reality for the longest time ever without realizing it. I actually thought I was dealing with reality but I wasn't. I had it easy without knowing, and I almost took everything I had for granted.
We all have to grow up eventually. We'd be lucky if we knew when or how to. I guess I'm slowly getting there. The responsibilities that slowly piles on feels like a drag at times, but when you look at the whole picture, life makes more sense when you let it take its course.

One day, all that bickering, misunderstandings, gossip, trash talk, rumours, won't be a worry no more. It will always be there, it will always happ…

✈ Phuket ♡ 2013 [EOTY pt. II] ✈

On the first night itself we decided to go all out. Hey, you only live once right? And you only get to stay up as late and go as crazy only when you're young. AND ALSOOOOOOO... since we've got our own villa, might as well! :p

Before the table got all messy, there we lines of glasses, and a line of bottles. From Jaagermeister to redbull to Jameson whisky to Moet and wine.
Well, all the boys at the table could easily finish up one bottle on their own.