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#OOTD : Fringe and Ribbons ♡ Motif

Tied Back Crop Top from Motif Official Fringe Skirt (can be worn as a top too) from Motif Official


.. Continuation from HERE.
Second day on Asia's Largest Sea Party. It was a crazy day one, and we partied till the same came up. Slept at 6am and woke up at 11am. There was so much to do and not enough time! Some of us woke up drunk (no I am not kidding and no it wasn't me lol).
After a quick breakfast at Windjammer, we headed to the highest deck for some activities.

#OOTD : Lack Of Color ♡ Hello Parry


 Montana Classic Splice (Hat) by Lack of Colour Australia
Dress from Cotton On

Sliders from Lipstik Shoes Bag from Givenchy

Loving this multi coloured wide brim fedora from Lack Of Color. Montana is the name given to their wide brim style fedoras. It's one of a kind and this particular version is a limited edition. It definitely adds the chic factor on what could've been a normal outfit and hats are a wardrobe staple -- a season must have!
Why 'Splice'? In Lack Of Color's terms, a spliced hat is a hat that contains three different colours throught. A different colour for the brim, a diff colour for the band and different colour for the crown. Made of three toned structured soft wool, these babies feature a deep navy blue brim, scarlet red bow and flecked ivory crown.

Bruna Double Pearl Cuff ring and Pandora Double Pearl Choker from Hello Parry
Hello Parry has a wide collection of designer and street inspired pieces for all fashioni…

#OOTD : Lovely streets of Kayelle | Aana Jankins ♡

It was a beautiful Sunday noon when we headed out to the heart of the city for some shopping and cakes. It's was a crazy New Year eve and all that. It was non stop, on the clock, work after work, jobs after jobs to be done. And all the catching up and farewells I finally had a day to myself.

#OOTD Top from Forever 21 Skirt from Zara Shoes from Nike Chain necklace from Snap Heartware
After some full fledged shopping spree, we settled for tea and cakes at my fav place.

So satisfied with my shopping a tea time! Look at that pastry, it's chocolate cake with passion fruit filling and a gold leaf.

Arm candy of the day: Balenciaga cuff Givenchy cuff Aana Janakis Alpha Double Ring
I'm very into all these monochromatic minimalism designs nowadays and Aana Janakis has definitely caught my eye. 
Aana Janakis is one of Australia's most promising design talents. Based in Sydney, Australia, her design talent have been recognized around the world with international designers such as M…


We left Kuala Lumpur in the wee hours of the morning for a trip down to Singapore! God we were like zombies on a quest.
The road was clear and the sun was sunny, we had a fun ride down.
Finally we've made it to the port where the ship will be embarking but a little bit too early for check in so we headed to Marina Bay Sands for a walk and plus, we were starving!

Elisabeth Bell ♡ choose your animal spirit

Elisabeth Bell Jewelry began at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Beth Yorn, a model for Ford in NYC, often found herself with extra time on her hands in between photo shoots and meetings. She would spend these hours exploring the various ancient jewelry collections at the Met. 
Fascinated by the beauty of the pieces and their intricate detail, she decided to learn how to make them for herself. She signed up to study the art of metal-smithing at the Jewelry and Arts Institute in NYC.

my 2014 review ♡

Hey guys! It's once again time for my yearly reviews or throwbacks or whatever you want to call them. I've been doing them for years except 2013, so this is 2014's one! Didn't really have a good end to 2013 hence the skip but that's alright as I did have a good start for 2013 but that's to late to review now as it's 2015 and 2014 was an awesome one. Can't wait to see what this year holds as I've spent a quarter of a decade living and breathing now.
Big changes are about to come, and I am hoping for the best. Although we can't predict what's going to happen in the future but we can at least guide it. Well that's what growing up has taught me.
p/s : I'm not saying I'm fully grown or I'm super mature about life and things or even the way I act. I'm just saying I've learnt.

#OOTD : Hawkers Co. ♡

Hawkers® is a sunglasses brand that was started by one man, Jorge Lorenzo, Moto GP World Champion. Hence the sporty designs of their sunglasses. And with the ever growing trend of polarised lens and reflective ones, you'll definitely see this brand on the rise!

On display - Carbon Black Emerald (green reflective), Carey Daylight (yellow reflective) and Air Sky (blue reflective) sunglasses from Hawkers Co.
I was very impressed with the packaging as these sunglasses aren't very pricey but each of them came separately in their own boxes and casings. In each box had some fun stickers, tags and care manual. It's nice when brands take the extra notion to produce things like that.
The style is unisex and anybody can wear them which is another plus point as me and the boyfriend can share them and get more than a few sunnies! *more excuse to shop hah!* Other than that, they come in a variety of colours! You'll definitely find something you'll like.
All in all, being in the mid-r…

#myCalvins ♡

Dropped by the Calvin Klein outlet at KLCC to collect my very own Calvin Klein undergarment and a pair of good ol' jeans!

Lovesprk ♡ putting the spark back into dating!

After 3 years of dating, and with a work and social life to upkeep, you just want to spend your free time resting or just lazing around at home. With that being said the spark in your love life might just fizzle out. Then here comes the typical routine dating lifestyle, where two people just get very comfy in their comfort zone. Although you do love each other so very much, planning a date, a trip or whatever might feel like a stretch to you.

✈ Melbourne 2014 ♡ The Boatbuilders Yard, Alumbra, St. Kilda & Becassa ✈

So since the fambam was in town we took a ride to St Kilda, for some, hopefully, fun in the sun, DURING WINTER. Hahah, god I don't know how did that even made any sense but we had people who were on holiday, who wanted to tour round Melbourne, so why not.  Book your hotels through Agoda for the best deals in town! Click on banner below :

R3hab, Comic Gate & Futuristic Polarbears 2014 ♡

Time to fill the blog up with some colourful pictures don't you agree? Here are some party pictures throughout the last quarter of twentyforteen.
Not much captions, just visuals ;)