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Penhaligon Trade Routes Fragrances ♡

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Happy Plugs ♡

Happy Plugs for a happy girl?
What caught my eye was the gold earphones and charger. Now I just need that gold Macbook to complete my whole set as I've got the gold iPhone already haha.

✈ Melbourne 2014 ♡ Brighton Beach, Queen Victoria's Market & some partying! ✈

Headed to Brighton Beach to check out the infamous bathing box. What a shocker when I've been there a few times and have not ever checked this place out.

3rd Year Anniversary ♡

Hey, hey!
Sorry for the lack of personal posts, I promise I'll get back to it. Let's start off with my third year anniversary with le' boyfriend.

#OOTD : stripes and stones.

Warm sunny day out and about.  Love it when it's like this. I definitely can't do gloomy days unless I'm sick or on bedrest.
And I got a new hair do'. Switched up the colour to something ombre with a twist of highlights. So it's dark on top, lighter at the bottom but it doesn't look flat with its dimensional tones. It's growing on me, and I love it!


Not many people knows this but I've been working for almost a year now (like work in an office kind of work). Well, if you knew that you must be a close friend or an awesome observer! 
Anyways I'll talk about how I came around to that cause I think it would be lengthy self expressing post with a tons of likes and dislike that I have to figure out a way to pen it down properly before I can publish it to the public. Speaking of public and publishing, that will also be another topic I would like to share my thoughts of. I have so much things running through my mind and so much expressions and well, thoughts I would like to share with you but haven't figure out how to cause I don't want to sound like a whiny bitch.

#OOTD : Mary Grace Swim ♡

Brought my Mary Grace swimwear out to play since nothing screams warm weather and summer like a brand new swimsuit.
Mary Grace Swim exudes luxury with its soft, high quality fabrics with incredible attention to fit and functionality. 

COCO Ichibanya Launch at 1 Utama

Any Japanese curry lovers out there? Cause I sure am one!

✈ Danang, Vietnam 2014 ♡ Part III ✈

After a couple of days living in the city area along the river we moved to the coastal side of DaNang called China Beach. Voted one of the best beaches in the world I was pretty stoked but I was warned that it wouldn't be as pretty during December as the water gets a tad bit cloudy as heavy tides rushed in. What a bummer! But still, least I've been here right?

✈ Melbourne ♡ Stereosonic 2014 Day Two ✈

So I finally got time to write about day two of Stereosonic, if you missed out on the first part of my epic spontaneous trip click HERE.
Day two and I was so excited cause I'll be able to see Calvin Harris OHMYGODDDD. I wonder how am I gonna feel a few more years down the road reading this lol.
Anyways, as usual, we definitely didn't make it there early so we headed to the Armada stage first. It was definitely so much colder today plus the top I brought totally didn't match the shorts I brought plus it was too cold for a tube top anyways. Had to steal one of Erin's cropped top for the day.

Galisfly ♡

What started on a small Etsy shop, Galisfly has now bloomed into of a trendsetting site to look for ready-to-wear statement pieces.
Bringing a more personalised approach by presenting the designs in a more appealing way by showcasing them on actual hands with unique nail art definitely propelled the brand to greater heights with pictures going viral then on!

your lips are movin' ♡

Some fun visuals to break in between the travel and fashion posts! I do adore some colour in my life ;)


Third day on board and most of my buddies woke up still drunk. What an epic morning, seeing half awake drunk faces while having breakfast.
Got changed into my bikini before heading off to shore for a private beach party!


Received this unique hat from FILET.

✈ Melbourne ♡ Stereosonic 2014 Day One ✈

Most spontaneous trip I took ever. Or maybe the most riskiest, spontaneous thing I did ever. And it's not even near home, lol.
Book my tickets a night before and flew there the night after, only people who knew I was going was my sister, the boyfriend and mom. Oh and of course, my dad. NO ONE ELSE KNEW. I think it was that part that made it perfect and less complicated, no expectations, no planning, just pack and go.
Because it was a last minute thing, I took a budget airliner over to Melbourne. Which mean I could either add on for luggage, or be super kiam siap and do it with hand carry luggage only. I went with the latter as I was already stinging on airfare right? I thought to myself, it's just a week, I don't need to pack much and there wasn't a need to carry liquid facial stuff cause I have some there. Guess how all of that went? Haha.
I will post about my trip soonish but here's what went down on Stereosonic Melbourne Day One.