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Samsung Galaxy S7 Montblanc Covers and “Montblanc for BMW” Centennial Fountain Pen

[Luxury] “Montblanc for BMW” Centennial Fountain Pen

[ADV] Whi Whi Whitening Candy ♡

Love. Happiness. Simplicity.  That's their motto. Short and sweet (no puns intended).
I've been consuming these candies for two months now and I've been really impressed with the difference it has made to my skin!
Ideal skin complexion is an important thing to tons of ladies (even men) out there, and to obtain that one must feed it with the necessary nutrition.
Whi Whi is committed to bringing the great skin transformation experience to their customers.  They have a community of founding team including a doctor, a GMP certified manufacturing unit and an outstanding business operations unit.
Whi Whi purposes are for those who are seeking for - Whitening :  Proven formula to remove dark skin elements, lighten skin tone with even complexion.
Hydrating : Gilt-edged H20 components to maintain skin humidity, proactively moisturizes skin and enliven cracked skin
Anti-ageing : Rich content of anti-oxidant to neutralize free radicals, prevent cells damage and delays ageing of cells. 

True Fitness | Part I

It’s 2016 and as many of you know I do not believe in New Years resolutions. However, I had a goal in mind this year. To work out, be healthy and more productive. I’ve recently signed up with True Fitness Malaysia and got right to it! I was looking forward to a healthy lifestyle with a fun, dynamic environment and something that I would look forward to! Also, results! So I popped by True Fitness for my health/body evaluation. Magic Cleansers ♡

Cleansers Review
Received a wonderful boxset from Sephora recently containing a handful; (literally :p) of cleansers that I am so stoked to share with you guys! And the timing couldn’t been ever more right as I just ran out of my usual cleansing gel. Hence it was the PERFECT time to test these babies out.

Diorever Bag by Dior