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Diorsoreal Savoir-Faire Sunglasses

[Luxury Fashion]

Dior launches DiorSoReal, the House’s iconic sunglasses, with a new campaign visual featuring actress Marion Cotillard – best known for her acting roles in Inception and The Dark Knight Rises.

Alainn Clinic & Medispa (pt. I)

As we age, our metabolism rate goes down by a whole lot. And when I say a whole lot I mean, dramatically. Well for me that's the case. Ever since I passed my twenty first birthday it all went downhill. Growing up I had no issues of how my body looked or feel, probably because I was very active in sports and outdoorsy activities. Other than that, I barely ate much carbs, specifically rice and on top of that I had really high metabolism that usually whenever I go through a medical examination I would be categorized as unhealthy or underweight.