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Klara Cosmetics ♡

Finally our very own KLARA COSMETICS 1st Flagship store in Malaysia is here! But first, a very quick review of some of the products I've tried.

It wasn't long ago, I was browsing through my social media newsfeed that I came across a launch of a well known Australian cosmetic brand that has finally opened up a store in Malaysia! I became so curious as the makeup looked amazing, so pigmented and beautiful. This Australian owned and designed cosmetic brand, Klara Cosmetics is the first concentrated range of superior quality cosmetics made with 100% colour pigmentation!
Klara Cosmetic is named after its ambitious founder – Klara Sabotkoski.  The innovative makeup line provides every woman with the result that professionals have been striving towards for years. As I did some research I found a bit about their background and how it all started but what was most important was that they DO NOT test on animals. 
With its vision – “Professional Makeup for Life”. What is so amazing is, …


When traveling, I try to pack light. However it can be a tad bit tough or challenging when you love to play dress up! 
A few tips of my own that I would love to share with you guys - always bring an outerwear that has a neutral or light tone or black; simple classic denim jackets or the basic black bomber usually works well for me and also you can never be 100% sure that the weather stays true to what's forecast it's better to be safe than sorry. I would have a couple midi or maxi dresses as you can always dress them up or down, transitioning them from day wear to night wear. Basic clothings as strapless tees to denim shorts and jeans, light sweater and of course a pair of comfy shoes! 

The type of shoes you bring along is really important as they do make or break everything. Not only it should at least match most of your outfit, it is very important that they're comfy. Imagine if you had to drag yourself everywhere looking for a pair of sandals just cause your shoes hurt…