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✈ Hotel NuVe Urbane Singapore ✈

After a four day three night music festival on a cruise ship which departed from Singapore to Phuket and then back to Singapore, the girlfriend and I decided to spend an additional night in Singapore to satisfy our foodie cravings and check out some new spots.

✈ Melbourne 2016 ✈ - yes I know it's two years ago!

Hello there my fellow readers! This post has been sitting in my junk box for almost two years now. What a shame as I was always filling up this site with posts from my daily adventures, spontaneous travels and such. 
People say or asks me whether anyone still reads blogs and such. I do like to believe so, and well my stats don't lie. But I myself felt disappointed with the lack of impromptu, unscripted, me posts. So I went over to my drafts folder and saw this sitting there. 

After clicking in, I was brought back to my wonderful memory of my fave city Melbourne I almost teared. I guess there were two reasons of why this hasn't been posted since; - I didn't want to accept that I won't be going to Melbourne as frequent as before. - I had so many other post to catch up with.