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Diorever Preview Cocktail at Dior Starhill Kuala Lumpur

Ong Evonne, Choo Mei Sze, Denise Ang, Venice Min and Stephanie Lim (L-R) [Luxury Fashion] Dior Malaysia recently invited Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers to join them for the exclusive preview cocktail of the new Diorever collection which is currently available at …

[ADV] Whi Whi Whitening Candy ♡

Love. Happiness. Simplicity.  That's their motto. Short and sweet (no puns intended). I've been consuming these candies for two months now and I've been really impressed with the difference it has made to my skin! Ideal skin complexion is an important thing to… Magic Cleansers ♡

Cleansers Review Received a wonderful boxset from Sephora recently containing a handful; (literally :p) of cleansers that I am so stoked to share with you guys! And the timing couldn’t been ever more right as I just ran out of my usual cleansing gel. Hence it was the PERFECT time t…

✈ NX Traveller | South Korea 2015 (pt. I) ♡ ✈

Hey guys! As you may know I visited South Korea in April, just in time for Spring and the whole trip was such a blast! Thank you Samsung Malaysia and Korea Tourism Organisation for organising such a knowledgable and fun trip.

All About Shoppr ♡

Being a fashion blogger myself, I ’ ve always made it a point to stay on top of trends and be aware of the new ones coming in. This was a tough task especially when there ’ s tons of websites and apps out there providing different services for someone like me. For a very long time I ’ …

CH Men Privé and CH Carolina Herrera ♡ The Art Of Seduction

Carolina Herrera is a Venezuelan-American fashion designer who is well-known for her exceptional personal style and for dressing First Ladies from the likes of Jacqueline Onassis to even Michelle Obama!

[ADV] Durex Bundles! ♡

Hey guys!  I wonder how the holidays have been treating you. I had an exciting one! What about you?  Anyways down to business, if you follow me on my social media channels you’ve probably seen things I’ve been up to and posts that I’ve been talking about. Today I would like to …

#OOTD : Monochrome in Melissa Malaysia ♡

Flats are a must for every season! Comfortable and stylish, they are perfect for any occasion. Melissa always brings fresh new models and redesigns your favorite classic ones, with the season latest trends and color palettes. Star Walker flats come in lots of different tones, metalli…

Shopee ♡

[Advertorial] Shopee  is a mobile marketplace designed for both buyers and sellers to enjoy fast, smooth and safe transactions! It’s an onn the go app that lets you shop wherever you are and also sell items with a touch of a button. I’ve recently downloaded the app and it only took m…

#OOTD : MeDusa Latest Collection ♡ dinner at Oribe and a birthday after!

It was a casual Tuesday of catching up with friends for dinner and celebrations. Well I was out celebrating years of friendship and a dear friends birthday!

Melissa Malaysia ♡

#fashionedit  Was in Melbourne a few months back and the weather was just perfect! Not too cold or hot. Shot some beautiful outfit of the day shots during the week I spent there. Enjoy!

Tips on Styling Dresses ♡

Let’s say you have a date with someone who you really admire and you want to grab his attention on this very first date. In this blog post I’ve got your date outfit covered with a list of useful dress tips for a first date without stressing. Yes, minus all the stress. S…

Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File ♡

Scholl has just launched the innovative Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File and I was pretty stoked about trying it out! As I barely have time to head to the nail salons nowadays this product is a life saver. So when I received the Scholl Electronic Foot File I knew it was right up my a…

#OOTN : Mermaid Dreams ♡ FABRYAN

#fashionedit It was a special occasion and what better than to dress up in a very special gown? I've been saving this dress from Fabryan for an event and this was definitely one! I love a mermaid skirt cutting as it hugs all the right curves and it is so figure flatterin…

A Day Out Fun In The Sun in Soak Swimwear ♡ BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!

So it's finally my birthday weekend and sadly everyone will know my real age thanks to these huge balloons the boyfriend has gotten me hahaha.  Nevertheless it was a nice surprise as I walked into the room decorated with these.

#OOTD : watercolour and laces .

#fashionedit Attended a new perfume launch that revolved around luxe ingredients and stories. Couldn’t have felt more delighted to be there but definitely wanted to be at my best dressed. Since it was held at the heart of Kuala Lumpur around tall majestic skyscrapers and modern arc…

#OOTD : Long Clothing ♡

#fashionedit Taken earlier this spring when I was in Seoul, South Korea. It was just the right time as the cherry blossoms were still blooming and the weather was just perfect.

#OOTD : warm neutrals ♡

#fashionedit Hey guys! It's been a while I know. And I too many travel post I can't wait to share with y'all. However I have a bit more filtering and editing to do, so before that here's an OOTD post. Still adjusting to the weather back here so what better way t…

#OOTD : Spring in Seoul

#fashionedit As many of you might've known I was recently in South Korea for a week of exploring and some Seoul-searching all thanks to Korea Tourism Organisation and Samsung Malaysia . We explored Seoul, Suwon, Busan and etc. It was Spring and I had a hard time deciding wh…

One Direction "YOU & I" Fragrance ♡

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