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✈ Da Nang ♡ Vietnam 2014 [pt. IV] ✈

Early in the morning we got out of our comfy beds at A'La Carte Hotel Danang Vietnam.


For the last day on the cruise, we decided to take it slow and chilled. We've been partying for like 3 or 4 nights straight already and we weren't burned out (I don't know how is that even possible when everyone else almost looked like they partied their guts out haha) b…

✈ Melbourne 2014 ♡ Brighton Beach, Queen Victoria's Market & some partying! ✈

Headed to Brighton Beach to check out the infamous bathing box. What a shocker when I've been there a few times and have not ever checked this place out.

✈ Danang, Vietnam 2014 ♡ Part III ✈

After a couple of days living in the city area along the river we moved to the coastal side of DaNang called China Beach. Voted one of the best beaches in the world I was pretty stoked but I was warned that it wouldn't be as pretty during December as the water gets a tad bit cloudy…


Third day on board and most of my buddies woke up still drunk. What an epic morning, seeing half awake drunk faces while having breakfast. Got changed into my bikini before heading off to shore for a private beach party!

✈ Danang, Vietnam 2014 ♡ Part II ✈

Second day of our trip in Da Nang and we booked a private car to take us around for some sightseeing. First stop was Ba Na Hills. I felt like I was in Genting as it was quite chilly and well, I was surrounded by hills. Get the best hotel deals here : At the fo…

✈ New Years Eve 2014/15 ♡ Penang ✈

Since December went by like a whiz, I didn't stop traveling even until New Years Eve. But this time we did a road trip to Penang. No more flying for a bit! We left a little after dinner and headed up north. Reached there just in time for some yummy supper awaiting us and co…

✈ Danang, Vietnam 2014 ♡ ✈

Visited Da Nang, Vietnam early December. Right after I got back from Stereosonic, Australia. My head was buzzing from all the traveling before then (3 countries in 4 weeks isn't as fun as it seems) and my body clock was super messed up. Having to adjust to 3 hours ahead of Ma…