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What I have been up too, hmm.

1st : Video Shoot for Caprice ft Annatasha - Thinking Of You @ Sri KDU, Kota Damansara.

2nd : College, rushing assignments and stuff.

3rd : Clubbing, drinking, chilling, yumcha'ing.

More to come, xx.


Jacket : Military Inspired @ Gossips Top : Fringed lined @ Gossips Bottom : High waisted @ TopShop Shoes : Flats @ Nose

Arthurs Day/Black Eyed Peas Concert @ Sunway Lagoon, Surf Beach.

The much confusing/complicated concert this year! Well in my opinion lahh.
First it was about the whole, whether muslims are allowed or not into the concert, then it was whether alcohol should be served yadayada. For the first time though, it wasnt about the dressing code of the artiste lol!
So anyways, met up with the bunch at Sunway Pyramid earlier for dinner (: & then waited for the rest to come, got our tickets and headed in!

Bumped into a few friends before the concert.


Erin, Lydia, yourstruly (:

Nik, Faez, Me, Sid, Erin.


The props were quite good surprisingly.

Sid, Me, Faez, Aiman, Hisham.

Sid carrying Farhana up, lol. Cuteee.

Afd, Me, Erin.

Eliz, Me, Erin, Lylia.

Did a lot of face shots that night. Muahahaha.

Finally BEP came up on stage. We were waiting for almost an hour! omg.