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TGV Indulge - Truly Luxurious ♡


THEFACESHOP Oil Water Cushion Foundation ♡

Living in a hot humid country like Malaysia, my skin is prone to breakouts and oily skin. One thing I always had to deal with is my makeup smudging and looking all so shiny by the end of the day.  I was stoked when THEFACESHOP announced their new product that is perfect for this …

Montblanc's "Meet the Modern Trailblazers"

[ADV] Montblanc recently invited me over to their boutique in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur for the exclusive preview of their “Meet the Modern Trailblazers” campaign and their new StarWalker Urban Speed, Heritage Spirit Moonphase, and Nighflight collections. Also at the preview was popula…

NESCAFÉ Mountain Wash

As I always say to my friends, I lead a very hectic lifestyle. Juggling an office job and keeping up with my blogging, attending various events, and trying to have a social life, I get pretty burned out at times. One thing I really appreciate is my alone time after a crazy hectic…

KO Skin Specialist ♡ (pt. II)

As you may know by now, I've been using Dr Ko Skincare products for a while now.  I've been seeing changes in the texture and quality for my skin and I am quite happy with it! I've been told that I am looking more radiant and relaxed. The founder of Dr.Ko Skin Special…

Watsons Really Syok! Campaign Launch

Attended the Watsons Really Syok! Campaign launch earlier last week. Was welcomed by colourful mimes and loads of colourful decos. I was probably the odd one out with my dark lips and monochrome outfit though haha!

KO Skin Specialist ♡ (pt. I)

My skin is very important to me and since I always have to be looking my best, meaning full make up on and all that props, I spend A LOT on maintaining my skin. Although I know my skin isn't at its tip top perfection, it is getting there. All thanks to Dr Ko Skin Specialist!