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✈ #OOTD(N) : Melbourne 2014 (EOTY) ♡ Nobu & Privileged Shoes ✈

First and foremost EOTY up in the title stands for End Of The Year as I don't want to confuse my dear readers of times I was in Melbourne, as one was during winter and one was the most recent, which is in summer or else people would be thinking, "How the hell does she braves t…

H-Artistry- The Global Art of Mixing which was held at the Malaysian International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC) on 15 November 2015. The line-up included artists from both East and West, and included international award winning artist, Tinie Tempah, Japanese mainstream gro…

Lust Limited ♡

Lust Limited is a contemporary design company that produces unique jewelry and accessories that bridge the gap between sophistication and simplicity.  Contemporary unique designs are all the rage now and I was ecstatic when I was browsing through Lust Limited range of items!

#OOTD : Violent Rose ♡

If you've seen this picture on my Instagram HERE . You might be interested in what I've got to share.

✈ Bali 2014 ♡ The Layar, Seminyak, Hu'u Restaurant & beautiful sunset ✈

Continuation from my post HERE. So it's our second day at our wonderful villa. Sleeping was a bliss, finally some well needed R&R after months of tedious projects. Woke up to a lovely breakfast spread on the dining table, from steaks to the more traditional bacon and eg…

ADV - Poh Kong's Christmas Collection 2014

The Dark Horse Jewellery ♡

Founded by one Aleen Apanian, The Dark Horse is definitely a gem to be found. Curating special pieces from all over the world from coveted designers, you'll come across hard to find artisan jewellery whenever you're visiting this site!

Makers Circle ♡

I have a week spot for accessories, jewelry and all things unique, so imagine how I felt when I came across this wonderful website! I was smiling from ear to ear when I was browsing through

Dal Komm, music cafe ♡

There's a new coffee joint in town! And the best part is, they serve ice cold desserts too! Checked out Dal Komm Coffee at their Uptown, Damansara branch recently and got to try out a few of their famous desserts while enjoying the ambience and how it's not only a cafe but they…

#OOTD : Dark Art Clothing ♡

Recently came across a brand all the way from Europe. Dark Art Clothing. I was at first attracted to their simplicity in design, you can never go wrong with monochromes. The website is clean, simple and very user friendly.

Halloween 2014 ♡ Vinai at Zouk Club KL

Halloweeeen! This is too epic I had to get it up before it really gets outdated hah. So we followed Zouk's timing which was a day after Halloween, and it was pretty awkward at first as the people who do knows Halloween has celebrated the night before. Introducing Naug…

OOTD - Black, White and BLUE!


✈ Melbourne 2014 ♡ Draculas, Top Paddock, Cumulus Inc. ✈

Hey guys! Another Melbourne post, a continuation from HERE . So we went to the suburbs for a wonderful brunch at Top Paddock.

GUESS Blue Timepiece Collection


Privileged Shoes ♡ unique, stylish and always on the edge.

I'm so obssessed with this new site I found selling... SHOES! I have a thing for shoes, and shoes are like the key pieces in an outfit to me.  So I stumbled upon this shoe haven called Privileged Shoes by JC Dossier.

✈ BALI 2014 ♡ Ku De Ta, Sky Garden & Naughty Nuri's ✈

Second day of my Bali trip! Yes we moved that fast. For the first post, do check it out HERE . So we moved from the Jimbaran area to Seminyak. Off to the wonderful villa that we will be spending two nights in!