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Shopping spree with the love of my life (: Posers sial. Love you my sister xoxo!


Soon or later you'll know it yourself, our innocence and how we did try our best to not get involved. We have everything we could possibly want and we do not believe in making others suffer to make ourselves feel better. WE DID NOT DO ANYTHING THEY SAID WE DID. Dont be so naive fall…

4Play @ Zouk.

babycally and I did Zouk few weeks back. we seriously had nothing better else to do lor, sayang came over to my place in the afternoon. hung out, did the usuals. got ready and then; Andy came and got us, then headed down to KL. Chilling at Terrace Bar. Andieeeee. Callieeeeeee. Meeeee…

Tea Time with babycally @ Delicious, Bangsar.

My usuals with babycally. Had one of our catch-up-sessions @ Delicious. Oooh and our new found love for the 'yakitory chicken skewers' :) After that did some shopping around Bangsar, girly stuffs like threading etc and yumcha session at Starbucks, Telawi. mhmm loves! -xo.

Afdzals 19th Birthday 20.3.2009

Mr. Buaya's nineteenth birthday at Damansara Perdana. A barbecued-poolside party. 1# Poser at college and everywhere. Loyce with my phone talking to Kassim -.- Yes we all know you love posing. The rest came later. Chiko's (: She guarded the alcohol the whole night! hahahha…