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The first few days of 2009 And it was fun! :D To busy losing money to blog -.-

Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year will be in Kuala Lumpur this year, again . So yea. Till then... You're gonna see a new me! Hahaha in terms of appearence lah. I cannot tahan this hair colour already. To aunty common -.- Okay gotta go. Nak tidur awhile and then suck blood at night. Tata!

New Years Eve's Outing.

To start off my New Years Eve, I had a short get together session with my two hunniebuniedarlings which I havent met for ages! You know why? Cause they are sooooo BUSY! Ms. Low See Why? With her sour plum face cause she cant drive! Nyeknyek ;p But aha! Ms. Wandarr can be her all time dri…

New Years Eve

New Years Eve at Euphoria, Ministry of Sound. Other than the normal countdown celebrations it was also Amah's Birthday. Amah and Marshy, with some slashed out YanWei and Carlston. The one and only Carlston Lim Mun Huo. Babe Jacklyn was there too! Phang, Me, Baby, Tony. Carlston and …

Just another week..

I've finally got my colleges schedule done, yay! The timing is annoying! And for no reason the parking lot is always full from Monday to Thursday but effing empty on Friday. Why ah? HELP students busy clubbing on a Thursday? Hmmm. Yesterdays outing was supposed to be either Zoo Negara…

Massive Worldwide.

Music was good, people was okay, place sucked? I mean its too small, and I personally think that it wasnt even organized in a proper way! People can just walk out and sell their tickets then come back in. Thats why when we got there, there were so many people coming up to us, trying to se…