REVIEW — Sudio Niva ♡

Sudio Niva.
Sudio's very first wireless earbuds and I’ve had the opportunity them for a few months now (heck maybe longer but I wouldn't be able to give an honest tried and tested review if I didnt would I?). I must say, it’s a great.. wait scratch that, definitely better option than the Apple AirPods’ price tag and also design wise. 
It is retailing for S$165 which is about RM425, it's definitely a cheaper option than other branded wireless earbuds out there. 

These earbuds exudes a minimal look as they have two colour options which are; matte black or white. The kit includes a selection of three different-sized rubber tips to get a comfortable fit in your ears. When in your ears, I love how they don’t look comical, and they fit me quite snugly. The earbuds are slightly larger than your standard earphones, but they are light enough that you will quickly forget that you’re wearing them, plis they don't just hang from your ears if you get what I mean.

Elegantly packed w…

Zest For Life - The latest collection by ALDO!



Waking up to the smell of fresh coffee is truly a treat, signaling the beginning of a new day with new challenges to take on. But enjoying coffee in the morning is a necessity for me, and if you need a caffeine boost to start your day as well, this article is just for you! 

I think most coffee drinkers know that creating a barista-quality espresso is tough enough, and that the thought of preparing milk and foam that’s perfectly heated and whipped is more than a little intimidating. So why not leave it in the hands of professionals if you’re willing to pay for it?

I had similar doubts, until I stumbled across the Essenza Mini, the smallest Nespresso machine. If you’re unfamiliar with Nespresso, their story began in 1986 with the simple idea of allowing anyone to be a skilled barista and enjoy quality coffee moments no matter where they are through innovative coffee machines.

It’s still CNY season, so I want to talk about why you should save up all your ang paos for the Essenza Mini th…

2019 🖤

I remember the year 2006; three months into it and there's this whole new buzz about a social media app called Twitter. Fast forward thirteen years down the road, we are now living in a digital era with tons of social media sites, hundreds and thousands of apps to make your life easier, all with the touch (or two) of a button.

Social media especially, has taken the world by storm and what started of as huge sites were compressed into micro mini tweets, to something more visual and instant has taken the world by storm. No longer do we connect with each other, scrolling through feeds and profiles; everything has been fast and 'on-the-go'. But how much of these were actually reality?, we started wondering. However we still find ourselves following more and more profiles of people or things we never had any interest in to begin with.

It started with an Instagram of a model. She wasn't doing anything particularly that would piss anyone, let alone myself off as it was not …

D.W.P - Djakarta Warehouse Project First Phase Announcement

So the wait is finally out, and I don't have to bite my tongue any longer.. DWP X 2018!
Are you guys as excited as I am as I am currently hyperventilating and jumping around like an energizer bunny! Of course the fact that The Weeknd will be having one leg of his Asia 2018 tour at DWP but Alesso, Major Lazer, the first line up of acts totally nailed it for me I am sold!

By the way did I mention it's gonna be three days?!


Hope to see you guys there!
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