Friday, July 18, 2014


We at are deeply saddened by the news in regards of MH17. Our thoughts and prayers are with the passengers and crew onboard Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 and their families. 

Malaysia has deff not been having a good year, it's time for us to realise that we should be ever more united and strong for one another especially at times like these.

May their souls rest in peace.
Out of respect will be on a short hiatus till further notice.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

GUESS Denim ♡ female/GUESS Blogger Awards

Hey guys! It's been a crazy month for me. Was rushing work and blog posts to keep you guys entertained with my travel posts while I was away in Melbourne for the past three weeks. 

First and foremost I would like to thank you all for voting for me as I am one of your Top 4 Finalist for the Female Magazine GUESS Blogger Awards! Really happy to be given the chance to share more outfit of the day looks with all of you.

So I just got back a couple of days ago and I rushed to the nearest GUESS store to pick my top three faves! I was spoilt with choices as GUESS has such a wide array of denim available; from shorts to form fitting jeans to stylish tops. Spent a couple of hours carefully selecting items for three different looks.

Yesterday was spent putting these looks together. Thanks to dear friends who spent the whole day helping me out and also to the awesome photographer Ian for the beautiful shots.

Look 1# : Music Festival

I love music festivals! You get to dress up, wear crazy accessories and enjoy some good music. Spending a whole day outdoors also means you need to be in your most comfy get up but still keeping it oh-so-fashionable! 

I've put together this look which screams music festival hippie but still keeping it comfortable to last a whole day of jumping, hopping around, especially in a climate like this with a cropped top and shorts. A fringe overall and booties for that indie chic feel and of course, every festival needs a flower crown ;)

Loving the GUESS Women's Katie Short as it is super comfortable for an event like this. It's stretchy which means I have no limitation of movements especially if loads of dancing is required :p The details on this pants is superb as you can see in the pictures above. 

Look 2# : A Night Out Partying with Friends

Weekends (or maybe even weekdays hehe)! 
Sometimes I get really lazy to dress up and go all out, and sometimes I just want to have a laid back simple look, especially when I am partying every week :p ! But then again being a girl, I still want to look all chic and stylish. Well, here's my solution! Pair a printed top with body hugging jeans. The prints will give it a pop while a good pair of jeans will not only show off my assets but also it makes my legs look longer.

Make your way to a swanky bar with your girlfriends in the evening and then party it up at the hottest club in town! Wearing the GUESS Power Curvy Slim Fit Mid Rise Ultra Skinny Leg Jeans, I felt like I was ready for a great night out with my buddies. 

It's great as I can hardly find jeans that would fit me so snugly especially around my ankles and my ankles are really small! Other than that, loving the worn-out details below the left pocket which made the jeans look a tad bit more edgier. Last but not least the GUESS emblem which you will find in every pair of GUESS denim, on the back right pocket.

Look 3# : A Romantic Dinner.

Dresses, heels, clutch, big jewels whenever I think about a dinner date. Why not step out of the box and stand out from the rest from that fancy restaurant he's bringing you? It might even be more appropriate if you decide to head to a bar nearby as dresses and high chairs can be quite a hassle. All you need is the right pair  to pull this look off. 

Keeping it feminine and girly with a soft flowy top, I paired it along with my probably my most favourite jeans from the loot! The GUESS Kate Cigarette which is a slim fit, low rise, with a straight leg cut. It hugs me right on the hips, which flatters my body figure tremendously and love how it just falls below my ankle elongating my legs way more! Not only that, the jewels below the pockets gives it the extra sparkle it needs. I feel so princessy and lady like with all these detailing.

Shine bright like a diamond :p
What a way to stand out from the crowd in this pair of beautiful jeans.

I hope you guys enjoyed the looks I put together, and I hope it'll benefit you in many more ways.

Will update more about the competition when I can :)

In the mean time, you can check out more pictures by Ian at

Till then!


#LOVEGUESS, #GUESSMalaysia  #femalemag!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Egyptian Magic Cream ♡

Beauty trade secret. I'm sure this name has been going around for a bit.
The infamous Egyptian Magic cream, which seems to bring lots of wonders to ones skin!

Well, it is afterall an all purpose skin cream isn't it? :)

I've seen this cream appear on magazines and websites countless number of times but I haven't got to try it on myself, up until now. 
Being called as the must-have beauty products by magazines and even appearing on TV programs like The View, the Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream with a Magical Touch is no stranger to beauty lovers all around the world.

News about this cream spread like wildfire and for those of you who had a lot of doubts of how good this cream is, well I am here to give my honest opinion about the cream. This all natural cream really does work. 

Thanks to Natta Cosme, the Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream for this tub of cream that I've been using for the past couple of weeks.

Containing six natural properties such as, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, bee propolis, bees wax and olive oil. You know you're being spoilt with natural goodness!

Apparently, the Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream comes from an Egyptian folklore that tells of a miraculous skin cream used by Cleopatra herself as an anti-ageing skin rejuvenation to maintain glowing, beautiful, smooth and radiant skin.

Staying firm to the all natural ingredient route, the Egyptian Magic All Purpose Cream is free from synthetic preservatives and fragrance. It does reminds me of petroleum jelly and it is form of a wax balm like texture.

It's supposed to work on reducing scars, pigmentation, and even acne marks but I'm still at the starting stages of using it so I still can't comment on that, yet. 

Overall it is a good product and if you are looking to make a purchase, you can do so at Natta Cosme

The Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream comes in two sizes:

- RM 89.90 for 59ml (originally RM125)
- RM125 for 118ml (originally RM180)

Natta Cosme Official Facebook Page:
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Natta Cosme Official Instagram: @NattaCosme