Werner's @ Changkat & Maison.

A night outing with the classmates and friends at Werner's, Changkat.

The ambience was really nice and cozy.
The mood was just right (:

Fatin, Anne, Sid, Collin.

Collin, theoneandonlyme, Fatin, Afdzal.
we girls had lychee, pineapple and lemon martinis; was sipping it all the way while gossiping about college and stuff heh.

A few more friends came over and the guys decided to head over to Maison.


Afdzal & Sid.

Billy, Nigel, Collin.

Fatin and Jaafar.

Anne, me, Fatin and BillyC.

Shaheen and mua.

It was an unexpected night out, had a great time tho :D
Looking at the pictures, i'm starting to miss them already.


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