4Play | Zouk. 20th Pre-Birthday :D

Headed to Zouk on a Thursday night :)

BBB Fever!

Cath, Edric and yours truly, Edric trying to be 'taller' than us lolol.

But in fact, he's wayyyy shorter bwahahahaha.

Me & Su May

This is where the drinking begins!
& omg from Long Island, to Vodka Redbull, Blacklabel and whatnots.

Long Island Tea with Catherine.

Vodka Redbull handed by Edric.

& being forced by Marcus again, omg.

& then by Ravin, lol.
I guess I had quite a lot to drink for that night.

and then all of us started to partied the night awayyyyy :D

SugaSammie & I.

Cath, Ezra & I.

kisskiss ; with baby sitting behind styling his hairrrr.

sammie trying to steal mineee, boohoo.

khailing, baby and I.

AbigailT and I.

SugaSammie, Shermaine, AbigailT & yours truly x.


my one and only ;

leyvin, me & abigailthien.


GaGa glove loves!

Cristine, Jeanie and me.


& gloves.

AbigailT, Cath, me and CheeHong.

once again, girls :)



an awesome nightttt x.

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