Chee Hong's 23rd Birthday.

finally dropped by Zouk on a Saturday for LOUD, and I definitely loveeee it!
Dirty dutch all the way :D

somehow it was really last min, thankfully managed to get tables etc.
and boy, I really did enjoy my night!

birthday boy chee hong and I.

AbigailT and I.
I should really stop carrying my blackberry around all the time D:
bad habit.

me, baby and Marcus.

more camho-sessions :)
mind my frindge, was in a rush and totally last min. hah!

I dont know what I was trying to pull off, but err yea hahaha.

pinching Ravins chubbywubby face lols.

candid maxxx.

didnt drink much, gotta cut down due to my gastric sighs.

someone acting oh-so-fierce.

greatt nightt.


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