Abby and Mandy's Birthday | Duta Vista

Abby and Mandy celebrated their birthdays at Duta Vista and everyone was theree.
me and baby dropped by close to 11'ish.

Anyways pictures!

Birthday girl and me.

babyvin and Nick.

two december babies, Ezra & Mandy ; in the same shirt as well.


the babes and I.

birthday girls with their birthday cakes.

AndreaO and me.


EGGYTAY getting squished!

then the boys turn on 69, bahahaha.

looked super wrong, then thats when everything 'weird' start happening after the amount of alcohol down everyones throat.



vin & geesoon.

another weird thing going on ;

&Ezra got stripped! Look at his face, awwww.

the boyf and me were the most sober I think amongst all, I think lol.

finally ending this picture which I cant find a logical phrase to summarize it up but i'll try ;

the boys having heart to heart talks, and the birthday girl going likee whattt -.-" yea with that emoticon going on, hahaa.

it was a great birthday party!
happy belated birthday to the girls (:


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