Genting x Rebellz Launch @ The Hill.

after watching Captain America, which I thought Chris Evans looked smokinggg hott.
the bunch of us headed up to Genting at twointhemorning.

Cynthia, Cathrine and Erin darlingg ;
all prepped and ready for the cold chilly weather up there.

stopped by to stock up on the necessities heehee.


It was so misty and foggy brr.

baby and his gadget heehee.

Yong Xiang and Captain Chin harhar.

paparazzi shottt! lol.

Kevin's epic face!

three jakuns, hahahaha.
simply hopped inside and jumped out when the guards came.

snapping awayyy!


lotttts of chau tut shots :p

horseyrides heehee.

my loveyy sisterr! *hearts*

& at 5am in the morning we had McD's breakfast!

my "whaaaaaaat?" face, lol.

was up there yumcha-ing and playing dare games till 7am in the morning ;
it was mad, by the time I got home it was about 11am OHMYGOD.


Then next is Rebellz Fashion Launch at The Hills with Malaysian Hottest Bloggers.

the darlings & I.

CaiJin, me and Michelle.
Its been a long time, short but great catch up!

Rebellz designers and us MHB girls.

till the next timeeee!


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