Arthurs Day '11 @ Speedcity, KL.

It was finally time for Arthurs Day, boy was I excited.
Thank god I got discharged from the hospital just in time, well if some of you didnt know I was admitted for a serious case of viral infection. Hence, you prolly can see I still had my hospital tag on my wrist that night, lol -- talk about hardcore max!

Anyways, drove over to Seewai's place with Erin with me.

we got stuck in the badd traffic I wanted to pull my hair out DD:
but Doc said no stress, no stress ;
I had to zen out and relax throughout the whole horrid traffic!

Finally we reached our destination and boy was it packedd.
Got my VIP passes & it was off to Arthurs Lounge for some Guinness.

Jeslyn & I.

typical, camwhore must do lol.

Seannykins and I.

the huge globe behind ;)

Erin and Jeslyn.

Blew up the balloons (?) inside the media bag ;
mhmm almost fainted after I was done pheww!

Inside Arthurs Lounge :

Sean & I ;
hospital tag and a band aid lolol.
had no time to take it off cause, after I was discharged I rushed home to head out again -.-"

Erin's first Guinness mustache awww ;

Kenneth, Erin, Jeslyn.

me & Sean ;

poopie faces lawl.

photobombed X!

my girls love loveee!

Seewai -- alcoholic to be!

gigantor & midget bahahaha.

Megan Fox -- nyumms!

So headed to the stage area, didnt bother going in VIP it was packed & I was tiredd ;
so stayed with the group and headed to any front spot we could squeeze in, jakun concert/outdoor party go-ers hehehe.

Joe Flizzow and crew performing on stage ;

the girls and I.

Kenneth and us.

and then finally , Taio Cruz appeared the crowd went wild!

we were screaming, jumping, singing, shouting to his songs lol.
It was fun fun funn!

Stayed for a few more songs then headed off ;
on the way out I bumped into, Erica & Alex -- pictures from Alex.

Had a great time with them ;
its been a while I enjoyed doing something that much lol.

All of us headed to Zouk after all sweaty and greasy eyerrr.
but we had fun there too.

More pics to be up soon!


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