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Plan B ;

So the bestie and I had a girls day out, like hungry ghost hunting food haunts lol. We didnt shop that day but catch up and did loads and loads of nomings!
For brunch we dropped by Plan B since there was so many raves about how fantastic this place is and all. We searched high and low for it, but it was just right infront of Bangsar Village I's entrance #epicfail.

the selection of pastries and such was okayy, not bad, but didn't get to try any ; will drop by again hmm.

Seewai in deep concentration selecting her meal.

Exterior was normal, what do you expect? Nicely decorated, simple and clean, LIKES!

It was super sunny that day, and omg, really really humid too.

Hence the sunnies, semi-indoor lol. & this is when the bestie 'Tweetjack-ed" my phone. pffft.

Rootbeer Float and Ice Lemon Tea ; we needed something 'cooling'.

I had the Cabonara.

& she ordered the Tomato Based and Seafood pasta. we kinda gobbled down everything cause we were SO HUNGRY, which made me feel supe…

everything cute ;

Well I'm currently at the saloon getting my hair done & I was looking through the pictures on my phone hence this post of nonsensical pictures summing up the week I was having :D

Full posts soon I hope. Finals coming soon and I'm dreading having to go through with it.

Oh wells, till then! x.

A little of Japan ;

Currently in class bored out of my mind testing out the Blogger app I downloaded yesterday.

Let's see how it ends up mmm.

Dined at Poco Homemade restaurant yesterday ; loved the ambience and of course THE FOOD! Here's some pictures I snapped using the iPhone ❤

Till then! x.

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Bell & Ross The Rebirth of a Classic.


Blue Butterfly ;

.. continuation from previous post.

After the visit at Malaya Optical, dropped by Color Couture for some mani and pedi session since I havent been sayang'ing my nails for ages lols.
Love this color by O.P.I ! It's something like recycle but its under their current collection, forgotten what's it called hmm.

More colors. Opt for a glittery polish for my nails.
After my little girlie session it was off to beerfac with the buds for some catching up over wine & beer.

Outfit of the day :
Dress - Asos, Toga Playsuit.
Earrings - Forever 21
Bag - Gucci

The boys.

& the girls.

After that it was off to zouk!
Last minute decision and boy was it packed that night.

Ah Chew and I, lols. Ah Chew, hope she doesnt sees this.

Me, Cynthia and Tania.

Well the night ended well, and so many places in one day.

Till the next post!

Malaya Optical : "Our eyes are the window to our soul".

Payed a visit to Malaya Optical one fine weekend ;

It was my first time in Malaya Optical and as soon as I stepped in I felt like I found myself in 'Eye-Wear heaven' lol. As cheesy as it may sound, you will be amazed by the wide range of eye wear selection consisting of Designer Eyewear that cannot be found in many stores. These designer labels were flown in directly from a round the world by the owner himself. The designer eye pieces are sort after for their quality and uniquess and indivdualism. With that in mind, Ryan Ho, initiated to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack by being the in the frontier of Eye Wear Styling and Design. He is currently, Malaysia's 1st Eyewear Stylist and Designer. In their practice in Damansara Uptown, they carry huge variety of main stream brands Frames and Sunglasses such as Prada, Gucci, Armani, Dior, Tag Heuer, Oakley, Rudy Project, Rayban, CK, Coach, Marc Jacobs, Fcuk, Fendi, Porsche, and many more.

Other than that, there is …