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Calvin Harris @ Vertigo, KL ;

I wouldnt miss the chance to watch Calvin Harris spin a live set! So me and the darlinggs headed down to Vertigo, Kuala Lumpur ;
we got there just in time for Bobby Burns .

Erin, me, Cynthia and Monica.

Eric trying be all cute, pfft :p

Bumped into a lot of familar faces that night, and boyy was it packed!

Nik and I ;

Afdzal being all poyo as per usual ahaha!

she's such a doll, and all grown up T.T

so anyways, we got the best seats and best view, CENTERSTAGE, Drinks kept coming, and people kept flooding in.
Thank god we were on the elevated center or else I wouldnt be able to view anything.

Jhao, Cynthia, Erin.

Erin & Juan.


Cyn & I ;

Joey G & Erin ;

Kevin, Andy and I.

Kevin's expression ... EPIC! lol.

Ranson & I ;

well, I was pretty gone by then, the music was exhilarating and the atmosphere was just right. All I know I had a great nightt.
Here's a video *a bit shaky* of Calvin Harris playing his famous track featuring RIhanna, We Found Love. Enjoy! Till then…

Penguin Feeding ; quack?

I missed out this video!
Thank god I found it, I thought I ter-deleted it ;
hahah enjoy the bimbs-ness and the super unglam gloves and PCK boots.

Feeding the penguins at Chiangmai Zoo ;

Till then!

[ADV] Defensive Driving Course with MHB Presented by Chevrolet


A while ago, I had the opportunity to test out the new Chevrolet Cruze and had a go at a defense driving course! If you do follow my twitter, you should know how much I was raving about the car and also the thrill I had driving it, pulling safety maneuvers; it was such a delight!

Well, here's a short video ; from the indoor theory work to the outdoorsy stuffs.
Catch me pulling a safety maneuver around the 1:30 mark lol, it was such an adrenaline rush!

So all of us gathered at KGSAS for the theory work, where we were taught about road safety, proper driving ethics and most importantly everything about defense driving. Our instructor for the day was Kevin Low from AADA ;

All of us paid full attention as he did make the session fun, plus we definitely wanted to know more about how we could actually make a difference on the road :) Not only that, but also how to become a safer driver.

So let's start with the question everyone's asking, what in the world is defensive dri…

✈ Chiang Mai ♡ 2011 [pt. II] ✈

Continuation of my first post about my trip to Chiang Mai...

We visited the Elephant Park for the elephant jungle ride and bamboo water rafting.

The first time I sat on an elephant was in Phuket, so this was my second time and boy was I excited as this time the elephants will walk along the river! heh.

Last of Osaka .. for now ;

Sadly tonight will be the last night for me here.
Definitely gonna miss Japan a lot.

It started snowing today too, heavy snow. And it's about -2* right now, imagine super cold wind blowing, feels like tons of small needles poking through your skin.

Anyways, visited Umeda Sky Building. Did some crazy shopping, I don't even know how to pack everything now T.T and had Japanese BBQ and sukiyaki (on separate days) ; visited Osaka Castle today and some last min shopping.

Can't wait to be home. Holiday is over! Been skipping two weeks of classes, equivalent to 3 weeks of classes already. Lots to catch up!

Till then! X