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Hey, hey, hey!

Had brunch with the girls at Chinoz at the Park. A very sunny jolly afternoon it was, as we all dined outdoors basking in some of the wonderful sunlightt.

Erin ala Coco Chanel-ish.

Cynthia with her red/pink hair.

The #forevershy Seewai.

Being the touristy us :)

Outfit of the day, youuuu like?

the girlies I heart.

Checked into Maya *yes, I love crashing in hotel rooms harhar* wanted to go for a swim but we girls rented a movie instead and watched it in bed together haha.

Then we ordered pizza and dined in , started drinking & got ready for the nnight out!

Off to Zouk it was!

Crazy night as usual ; got up the next morning and checked out late.

Cant wait for the next one!

Till then, xx.

Little of what I've been up to!

Sometimes things be moving to fast I've forgotten how to live. But every once in a while, I look back at the pictures and smile; I see that I've been living everyday the best way I could.

Ups or downs, you make mistakes, shit happens and then you learn and cherish every day you have.

Here's some slight updates for the pass couple of weeks. (not in order)

Did a shoot and it's been awhile. Hopefully it turns out fine.
Friends birthday dinner at The Ming Room.Zouk with the girls and boys.
HappyHour/TeaTime with the girls. Some Bodega catching up sess then to a korean BBQ dinner.
Short trip to Vietnam, drinks at a bar with the best view of HCMC. Pho for lunch almost everyday. Great seafood dinner with a great price! Mad shopping spree, satisfying my shopaholic needs.

Till the next post! X

✈ Chiang Mai ♡ 2011 [pt. III] ✈

So another continuation from my second post, *god I love this place so much* we headed to Chiang Rai, which was a few hours drive away from Chiang Mai. First stop was the White Temple.

I just woken up from my nap, and I was a tad bit cranky at that time. Till I saw this, it literally took my breath away.

girls just wanna have fun!

So us girls, stayed a night at the Garden's Hotel ;

by the time we settled down, I didnt get to enjoy the pool and facilities ; sad sad.
anyways got ready for dinner with the bunch.

and in such short amount of time, the room was already in a mess!

after dinner the girls and I headed down to Vertigo to paaaarty!

Erin, Cyn, Seewai, Hyun Yee ; me and Seewai.

all the silly antics start surfacing once the alcohol started kicking in.

masked ladies ;

Own bottle of Dom Perignon ; major loveee, thanks to the peeps at Vertigo. mmmnyums!

so anyways, we were quite crazy dancing our asses off already.
Then we headed up to Gardens Residences to continue the night away ;

Of course it started with a lot of laughters and jokes.

Then some crazy yet epic dancingg with major "babbage" *inside joke*

It was quite a crazy one I must say, seeing every one pretty tipsayy and most ended up totally drunk past 4am lol.
The amount of alcohol... 20 bottles of Moet and 1 huge magnum sized Moet, everyone just drank …